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April 4, 2015

Millions Of Military And Law Enforcement Personnel To Be Targeted By NWO For 'Blue List Elimination' After Red List Round Up?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


Roy Potter, a former 28 year veteran of the U.S. Army, ranked Lt. Colonel, who served in in various Military Police and Military Intelligence positions across the world, has gone through a variety of aspects of the US military training exercises to be conducted in multiple states, dubbed Jade Helm 15, and has come to the conclusion that "Jade Helm is a cover for the 'Red List' pick-up." Potter also has a stearn warning for law abiding law enforcement members and members of the US military who comprise the NWO's blue list....if the NWO has their way, you'll be next.

For those still unaware of what Jade Helm is, there will be a series of links below the Potter message to ANP coverage of the US military operation where training for "unconventional warfare," surgical strikes and extractions, will be practiced on US soil with a number of states listed as "hostile."

Potter has previously called this type of operation unprecedented and dangerous and in the video below he breaks down what he believes is the real reason behind these exercises, why they are happening at this point in time, asking "where are you on the list?" as he sends a message to US law enforcement and the military in which he encourages them to "choose to save the Republic," rather than agree to wage war on Americans and reminds them that, as members of the 'blue list', law enforcement and military who follow through with the NWO's plans will become the next targets themselves.

This has been said before by many people, but it cannot be reiterated enough..... never before in the history of America has an operation such as this been conducted on US soil, and as such, should raise a huge red flag.

Planned Destruction - It is his opinion that bottom is falling out for the NWO and this is preparation for a last ditch effort because  the "psychopaths would prefer the destruction of all of mankind over the loss of their power."

Via the video details: "After doing an extensive evaluation, we have concluded Jade Helm has more to do with Federal control in the United States."

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