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September 1, 2015

Financial Expert Jim Rogers Warns: 'We're All Going To Pay The Price' - 'This Is Not Going To End Well'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Financial expert Jim Rogers joins NewsmaxTV at the 45 second mark in the brand new video below to get us caught up to date on financial goings on around the world and promptly warns that due to the never ending printing of worthless money by the FED, we're all going to pay the price, including China, as the world gives up on all of this 'artificial money printing.'

Telling us that never before in the history of the world have we had so many central banks printing money, Rogers warns us that this is not going to end well and that we should be prepared, we should be knowledgeable and we should be worried.


Warning us that there is no way to avert what is coming, Rogers elaborates on the 3 things than can be done to help ease the coming pain: let interest rates return to their proper level, let the market take its proper course and cut spending. Telling us that we'll likely need a chain saw to accomplish the last task, Rogers isn't at all hopeful that economic doom can be totally avoided, telling us that in America, we're totally detroying the people who save and invest in the future with 0% interest rates not likely to change.

Anybody who has been paying attention knows that allowing the markets to take their proper course and cutting spending with a chainsaw, or at least an axe, are unlikely to happen in this new America where the spending of counterfeit money printed out of thin air will likely continue for as long as the FED can get away with it...each dollar printed sending Americans that much deeper into the abyss which we'll likely never get out of. Anyone who thinks they'll follow Rogers' 3 ways to avoid economic armageddon are sorely mistaken. All that they can do is continue to kick the bucket down the road, making it worse for all of us once everything does come crashing down. How much longer will that be? Will we be prepared for it as Rogers warns?


Rogers and Newsmax also talk with us about cyberattacks that are ongoing both here upon America and US cyberattacks upon the world and as RTAmerica shares in the 2nd video below, the US is now threatening sanctions against China over their cyberattacks upon us, the latest escalation of these events that some have warned could have apocalyptic repercussions. Are these more signs we've arrived at the end game?

Telling us that the FBI says China is to blame for the latest economic espionage hack, we learn that hacks against the US are up 53% and many can be traced back directly to the Chinese. With economic warfare now taking place across the planet and China continuing to be struck by mysterious explosions as shared in the 3rd video below, how long will it be until all of this turns upon America?

A 3rd mysterious explosion has struck China. Merely accidents or something much more? Once we'd have to say it might be an accident. Twice, can we be so sure? Three times is clearly a charm. Something rotten is going on in China.

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