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January 11, 2015

Dr. Jim Willie: "Everything Is Breaking" - 2015 Economic Reality Hitting Like A Ton Of Bricks!

By Susan Duclos


Editor and publisher of the Golden Jackass and the Hat Trick Newsletter, Dr. Jim Willie, joins Paul Sandhu for an informative and enlightening discussion on what we are seeing happen with the global economy. Oil prices, the US Dollar, China banding together with the BRICS to replace the dollar in trade, the annexing of Europe, all connected to a "system wide breakdown" to which Willie asserts is in "full view and gathering momentum," just as he and others predicted months ago.

Willie informs listeners that "everything is breaking" and "nothing is being spared" as he talks us through the back room deals being made, the manipulation of the global economy and the outright lies the US government and the west, with the MSM's complicity and help, are telling the world.

The importance of this information cannot be overstated as Willie says "the dollar is dying," and as was explained in Saturday's ANP article titled "Surprise, Surprise! Did You Know That You Don't Own Your Bank Deposits Anymore?," once the dollar takes it's last gasp, the banking institutions which will be the first to take the direct hit, will have the legal right to confiscate depositors' money in order to attempt to save themselves and the Dollar.

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Willie does an excellent job explaining this for people, like myself, who are not financial gurus.

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