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January 14, 2016

Joanie Stahl - Economic Collapse & Martial Law In 2016 (Prophecy)


By A Minute to Midnite - All News PipeLine

This interview with Joanie Stahl brought to you by A Minute To Midnite is an absolute "Must Hear"! The whole thing is amazing. But the last 15 minutes or so of this interview is totally mind blowing, as Joanie reveals prophetic insight, along with incredible inside information given to her by a source within the US Government.

Find out what is coming in 2016 with the Presidential elections, and how †Economic collapse and Martial Law is at the door!

Joanie begins by telling us a bit about herself and where she from. She then shares some of her journey as a christian and how God began to give her powerful prophetic dreams and visions that quickly came to pass. Joanie shared some of he prophetic visions on Trunews with Rick Wiles on December 23rd 2015, but here in this interview she shares some recent prophetic visions and dreams that she has received since that interview that have been posted on at the invitation of James Bailey.

The first half of the interview is very informative and well worth hearing. However, at about the 22 minute mark, it goes up a notch, (no actually more like several notches) into "Mind Blowing †Territory" as Joanie reveals some information given to her from an insider in the Obama administration as to what is going to happen in 2016 and beyond. What is revealed is absolutely Stunning. †All I can say is "wow" as she informs us what she was told by a Secret Service agent, and then further - what God has also shown her about what lays ahead. This is vital information that everyone needs to hear!

The conversation between Joanie and interviewer Tony was cut off (disconnected)at this point several times. What was spoken of after the 'reconnection' will be posted in part two of this interview series.

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