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September 22, 2019

Journalistic Terrorism: Media Is A 'Weapon Of War' For Radical Liberalism While Terrorizing Americans With Fake News And Bogus Hoaxes


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When President Trump calls the "fake news" media an "enemy of the people," establishment media personalities start clutching their pearls, gnashing their teeth and declaring "We are not the enemy of the people. I am not your enemy. You are not my enemy. It is wrong to call your fellow Americans the enemy. We are all on the same team. We are all Americans," as CNN's Jim Acosta did in October 2018.

The President knows full well that the liberal establishment media will start immediately chasing their tails the second he makes the statement, and he welcomes that bit of entertainment, but in reality, there has been an increase in factually "inaccurate" (aka fake news) stories, which all lean just one way, against conservatives and against the President.

The bias is documented as studies have found that "pretty much all of journalism now leans left," as well as finding that in 2016 "more than 96 percent of political donations from journalists went to the Hillary Clinton campaign."† †

The American people see the bias as well, as multiple surveys and polls show an increasing amount of respondents see the bias, acknowledge it and believe that the media deserves to be scrutinized just as much as politicians and other high profile personalities, so when journalists like CNN's Chris Cillizza states "Let me say for the billionth time: Reporters don't root for a side. Period," Americans can be excused for laughing their tail ends off.

Does this mean that the media are considered the enemy by only the "right" and only "conservatives?"

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Glad you asked!!!

The answer is no. In October 2017 the Cato Institute found that while 63 percent of Republicans said journalists are the enemy of the American people, 38 percent of Independents agreed, as did 11 percent of Democrats.†

Things have only gotten worse in the nearly two years since that comprehensive survey was published.


Before making my argument that the liberal establishment media is actually more of an enemy to their own liberal followers than to conservatives (I know you are thinking WTH, but I will explain below!), lets take a look at this past week's screw ups, all of which were self-inflicted.

The NYT decided to promote a book by two of their employees about Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, making it sound as if their are new allegations of sexual misconduct against him, but the NYT conveniently neglected to add that the so-called "victim" not only wasn't the one to make the allegation but refused to be interviewed and told friends she had no recall of any such incident.

That of course was added later as a "clarification" after the NYT received a ton of backlash, and after the story went viral and other liberal news outlets jumped all over the misleading and inaccurate story.

Liberals all across social media, and the Democrat presidential candidates started screeching about impeaching Kavanaugh... why? Because the media misled them yet again.

The other self-inflicted wound for the media was jumping all over a story about a whistle-blower coming forward to claim that President Trump inappropriately asked a Ukrainian official to investigate Joe Biden's son for his dealing in Ukraine.†

Much, much later, after liberals and Democrat politicians, amplified by the establishment media, screamed for Trump to be impeached,we find out the "whistleblower" wasn't actually present, didn't hear the conversation and was only told about it by someone else, meaning it was complete hearsay.


Credit where it is due, the "weapon of war' reference in the headline comes from an outstanding piece over at American Greatness titled "The Propaganda of the Left Is a Weapon of War."

Here is a little teaser, readers can read the entire thing at the link above:

A hallmark of propaganda is that those on the inside who question it are ruthlessly silenced and destroyed. Dissidents are dangerous. Thatís why black conservatives are attacked so viciously.

Democrats canít rely on facts, because facts donít support their accusations or their platforms. They couldnít criticize Justice Kavanaughís sterling record, so they smeared him with lies. They canít debate open borders on its merits, so they call opponents white supremacists. They canít defend the practicality of banning fossil fuels, so they scream that the world is ending in 12 years. They canít hide President Trumpís success in bringing back jobs, especially to blacks and Hispanics, so they lie that he is a racist. They canít criticize Trumpís courage in confronting China, so they claim he loves dictators!

Facts are damning to their side. All they have are infamous propaganda techniques: the big lie, ad hominem smears, stereotyping, demonizing, disinformation, false accusations, social pressure, appeals to emotion, false witnesses, and false virtue signaling.

Propaganda is unfamiliar to Americans, so we are like naÔve prey, not even recognizing the hard-left tactics unleashed on us.

Propaganda is a weapon of war. President Trump is the first Republican ever to engage with the enemy. He uses his much-criticized tweets as a major counter-propaganda force.

I agree 100 percent with the description of their tactics, but having been documenting not just the never-ending stream of inaccurate, false, misleading and fake news over the course of the past three years, but also the reactions from the media's liberal readers when their lies are exposed, when their hopes are dashed, I see the medias' journalistic terrorism to be far more damaging to liberals, emotionally and mentally.

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While much of the American population "see" the liberal bias of the media, Democrats continue to trust them far more than Republicans or Independents do.

Poll after poll shows the same pattern, so while the numbers may differ the trend remains the same.

In Nov. 2018,†McLaughlin & Associates conducted a nationwide survey of 1000 general election voters on Nov. 6, 2018, and found that 48 percent saw unfair/biased coverage against President Trump. Only 9 percent thought the media coverage was unfair/bias for President Trump.†

The breakdown showed 80 percent of Republicans saw the bias against president Trump and 49 percent of Independents agreed, as did 16 percent of Democrats. Only 6 percent of Republicans thought there was a bias for President Trump, with 10 percent of Independents agreeing, and 11 percent of Democrats thought the media was biased for President Trump.


Even more Democrats saw unfair/biased coverage against Trump than for him.

That pattern carries through with each separate poll from different organizations.

The breakdown according to political parties is always shows the same pattern, Republicans and Independents trust the media far less than Democrats do.

A recent poll conducted by Ipsos, on behalf of Thomson Reuters, found that nearly half of Americans (46%) do not have any confidence in the press as an institution in America. Republicans (66%) and Independents (51%) are more likely to report they have hardly any confidence in the press than Democrats (26%).

As I said, the numbers may differ from polling organization to polling organization, but the pattern is always identical.

Which brings me to my argument that in actuality, the liberal establishment media does more harm to their own followers, liberals and Democrats, than they do to conservatives and Republicans, because those same conservative and republicans simply do not trust them to begin with.

The Democrats and liberals across social media do believe them. They believed them wholeheartedly before the 2016 election when the establishment media assured them Hillary Clinton would win, right up until she got her butt handed to her as 30 states went to Trump and only 20 went to Clinton.

The media lies caused liberals to be completely blindsided by Donald Trump's electoral win, so much so that one year later they all grouped up to† "scream helplessly at the sky" in their pain and suffering.

They believed them for three years when the media pushed the "Russian collision" hoax, right up until the Mueller report said they could not establish that any American, including the Trump campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russia.

Over the last three years, the media has breathlessly published multiple articles that raised the hopes of all liberal "resistance" members, just to see those hopes come crashing down, sometimes within the day, as the media humiliated themselves†time and time again.

It is no wonder Trump Anxiety Disorder, otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome has spiked over the years, the media continues to terrorize their own followers, as well as terrorizing children by attempting to convince them the world is going to end in (insert whatever number they claim today) years.



Do I think the establishment media is being used as a "weapon of war" against conservatives? Yes, I do

Do I think they are the enemy of the American people? Yes, I do.

Do I think they are more of a danger to conservatives than liberals. No, I do not.

Conservatives take everything the media reports nowadays with a grain of salt, researching, confirming, and waiting to watch their narrative fall apart, but the majority of Democrats and liberals still believe them, so they are the ones that are actually being conned, misled, and suffering mental disorders, because of the media's journalistic terrorism.

Bottom line goes to President Trump who tells the media they are laughed at all over the world, ending with "You're a joke."

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