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February 20, 2016

Justice Dies  & Antichrist Rise


Submitted to All News PipeLine by A Minute To Midnite 

This is Episode 024 Of A minute To Midnite. It is a bit different from previous episodes in that it features the input of five different people. We welcome "Minuteman" Matt to the aminutetomidnite team. During the show Matt shares some great insights into what the bible actually says about the antichrist. The show kicks off with a lively discussion between Tony  and Matt on the death of Justice Scalia, and what this may mean for America. Was it murder?

A short segment of an interview with Joanie Stahl is then played and discussed. In this she speaks of what she was shown about Obama "before he leaves office".  Is this tied to the events surrounding Scalia's death?

Next aired is a very thought-provoking dream from ex-Illuminist Carolyn Hamlett. This has not been shared before. Nothing much in the demonic realm normally ever frightens Carolyn. Coming from a deeply occultic past, she explains how during her life, she has had dealings with some of the very worst in the demonic realm. But this dream about Obama scared and shook even her to the core! She describes this dream as " The scariest dream she has ever had! That's a lot of dreams and a lot of fright". But this one eclipsed them all. It's a Must hear!

So then..could Obama be the antichrist? We know that many people are watching his movements very closely and trying to determine whether he is, or isn't a candidate for this role. In what follows next, Matt addresses this question in some depth.
He gives us some great insights into what the bible teaches about the antichrist/beast from the Greek, Hebrew and English.

He delves into the topics of the nephilim, fallen angels, giants, transhumanism, Nimrod etc. He describes the pre-flood corruption of the human gene pool by fallen angels, and also how they returned after the flood. So what does it all mean? Could Obama possibly fit in with all of  this somewhere, somehow? Listen to some great teaching on this in the middle section of the show to find out!

Here are Matt's notes for the Show which include plenty of references:

The last part of this episode of A Minute to Midnite is largely handled by Chris discussing the coming cashless society and negative interest rates. He warns us about what this will likely mean for us, and how the New World Order will use these diabolical tools to steal from the people and gain control of them while bringing in the "Beast system".  Tony asks Chris at this point "what do you suggest people do?" Chris then gives the listeners a few pieces of advice.

So a fair bit of ground is covered in the space of less than an hour. But it's a rather fascinating show, and offers some great insights and very useful information, as well as plenty of food for "speculative" thought. But the underlying message of this episode is that a New World Order is being set up, and that salvation through Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer for us as individuals as we face what is ahead. The other pieces of advice must dovetail with this. Plenty of warnings are being, and have been sounded in recent times as to what is 'Coming up on the world'. This begs the question - what are we all doing  to prepare for it?

Editors NoteChris and Tony also announce that  A Minute To Midnite has just launched a new and improved website. It features articles, all of the show and  video archives, and other useful resources. is the official domain. Currently however, going to that address launches splash screen with a redirect  link to the new website, (only while the domain is changing over), Within a few days the splash screen should be gone, and no redirection will be needed.

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