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October 7, 2018

A Woman's Take On The Den Of Vipers In The Media & The Crazed Reactions To Justice Kavanaugh: The Outrage Phase Begins With 'Visceral Screams' Of Rage


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Shortly after the Senate voted 50 to 48 to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, a private ceremony was conducted to swear him in, making him Justice Kavanaugh.

Anybody that has seen any news over the past few weeks already knows how hard democrat politicians fought against his confirmation, and how protesters attempted to derail it, how celebrities bitterly took to social media declaring it wouldn't be allowed, as liberal activists crawled out of the woodwork to make "outlandish" claims against the nominee, so I won't go into detail about the events prior to the swearing in.

The reactions coming out since Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in, indicates the "outrage phase" has begun as journalists take to their op-ed pages to enrage even more liberals who immediately run to their social media accounts to share that rage.



The level of outrage incited in large part by the establishment media that reported "claims"  and some outright lies, as if they were proof of wrongdoing without any type of corroboration, now extends into the aftermath. Liberal "journalists" taking to the op-ed pages of major newspapers to have their temper tantrums because they failed in their coordinated attempts to force Justice Kavanaugh into quitting and President Trump into withdrawing his nominee, as liberals on the Internet take to social media to express their outrage.

The MSM And Liberal Writers: Bloomberg's Editorial Board headlines "Kavanaugh's victory is a loss for America."

New York Times' attacks Lindsey Graham titling their op-ed "Lindsey Graham Is the Saddest Story in Washington," all because Graham forcefully defended Brett Kavanaugh against his Democrat colleagues' blatant political character assassination and mob rule.

The liberal rag ShareBlue Media declares the "GOP officially becomes the party of rape."

Note- I am seeing a lot of articles using that term, quite literally calling Kavanaugh a rapist, despite the fact no one accused him of actual rape, not one police report was filed against him, and not one shred of evidence other than 35 year old allegations without any corroborating evidence has come to light in any of Kavanaugh's seven FBI background checks and/or supplemental interviews. That is libel, slander and done maliciously and I hope Kavanaugh sues their butts off.

Huffington Post claims in their headline that the "Senate rejects the Me Too movement." They haven't, but they should because the practice of destroying someone's reputation and career without due process is a disgrace. Yes, victims of sexual assault should speak up, file a police report, demand and investigation, but just saying "He attacked me," is not enough in America to conclude a man is guilty.

Over at Vox, the writer asserts that "Republicans don't care what you think." 

USA Today's headline screams "With Brett Kavanaugh confirmed, Trump's poison touch infects the Supreme Court."

That is just a small sample of headline assertions, but the screeds that follow are full of morally superior outrage because they couldn't stop President Trump's second Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed, despite throwing what was left of their credibility out the window in their attempts to control the outcome, and failing.

These are temper tantrums, pure and simple.

For example, one of the more radical takes is from Alexis Grenell at the New York Times, who titles her piece "White Women, Come Get Your People."  Grenell apparently believes that due process is nonsense, women that supported Justice Kavanaugh are "gender traitors" (who died and made her the authority on women?) and she really lost me when she said "my stupid uterus still holds out some insane hope of solidarity."

FrontPage has a good breakdown on that particular racist, man-hating screed.

Okay..... time for her to step away from the keyboard, and what on earth was the New York Times' editors even thinking allowing that hot mess on to their opinion pages? 

The media is dead.... they don't know it, they think they are still breathing, but at this point it is like a chicken running around without a head.

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Liberals On Social Media: If the temper tantrums at major newspapers and opinion editorials are full of self-righteous outrage, the reactions of liberal outrage on social media is even worse. Crying, raging, howling and viscerally screaming..... all because a Judge was confirmed to the Supreme Court, because the establishment media terrorized them into thinking the world would end if it happened.

So, of course, the world is ending in their not-quite-sane minds.


Soap opera actress Nancy Lee Graham took to Twitter on October 5 after it became known that the Senate had the votes to confirm Kavanaugh, to tell her followers "Just pulled my car over & screamed gutturally for a good 2 min & then cried for 10 more....." This is the same person that calls Jeff Flake a "hot mess" in a later tweet. The same person that spews her outrage publicly on Twitter, on an account that is not private, nor locked so only her followers can see, then complains about the responses she gets from those that do not agree with her by stating "My feed is filled with privileged, white, beer guzzling sacks of nasty sick who have nothing in their lives other than harassing women mourning their country."

This next one fits into both the media category and liberal social media category, since his profile says he is a contributor at The Nation, and another Twitter verified account. Before the final vote on the confirmation, on October 6, he posted "f**k john roberts, f**k clarence thomas, f**k samuel alito, f**k neil gorsuch and double-motherf**k brett kavanaugh." (Note - I replaced the letters with astericks, the user didn't)

Then we have this person:


Some of these people leave me speechless. Complains about "the amount of hate in this country" directly after saying "f**k everyone who voted for Trump or Kavanaugh," then ending with a #spreadlove hashtag?

Seriously, these people are not well.

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I could fill multiple pages with examples, but those are representative of the absolute insanity being posted on social media, by celebrities, media personalities and liberal users, but this last one shows what it was all about in the first place, as Ariel Dumar, a writer for comedian Stephen Colbert, states "Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life." Then of course she courageously deleted the tweet and locked down her account, but others got a screenshot.


These people are not just unhinged, some are truly evil.

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The liberal media and social media users, those who are perpetually outraged are expressing their angst ad nauseam, but when the furor dies down and the world doesn't end as they were told it would if Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed, Democrat politicians are going to find it difficult to figure out what to manufacture outrage over next.

How are they going to find a topic that creates quite the level of anger, rage and emotion as they managed to squeeze out of the Kavanaugh confirmation process?

I have no doubt that Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and their cohorts in the Senate are discussing that very issue right now.

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