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July 7, 2015

Kid Rock To Confederate Flag Protesters 'Kiss My A**' - †Tide Turns In Florida, County Reinstates 'Mark Of Heritage'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In late June, amid the Confederate Flag controversy, Marion County Florida†board chairman Stan McClain decided to bow down to the "political correctness" police and ordered the removal of the Confederate flag from the council building.

After local citizens expressed outrage over the removal of what they called a "mark of their heritage," on Tuesday the†Marion County's board of commissioners UNANIMOUSLY overruled the decision and the banner has been raised again.

The Confederate controversy once again exploded after Dylan Roof opened fire in a historic black church, killing nine, after images of the shooter showed him holding a confederate flag.

A big win for freedom of expression and those that understand a "symbol" doesn't kill people, sick individuals bent on murdering innocent people, are responsible.

As heard at approximately the 2:38 minute mark in the clip below, Kid Rock, who has been under fire for his use of the Confederate flag, sent Megyn Kelly a message to those protesting against him. His message was "Please tell the people who are protesting to "kiss my ass."

Previously Kid Rock had responded to the controversy by telling Detroit Free Press "Everybody knows where I stand and what Iím aboutÖ Itís not about hatred or being a racist. I like Southern rock music, and a lot of people died under that flag for beliefs they had, right or wrong. But it stands for rebel, and my love of Southern rock."


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