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September 30, 2016

'This Should Send Chills Down The Backs Of Every American Who Wants To Live Freely' - National Call To Action Announced 

- Those who corrupted veterans’ health care & those who profit from this country’s endless wars are one and the same. 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"This is the very definition of government overreach and it should send chills down the back of every American who is concerned about their right to live freely." Travis Lowin, Director of the Botanical Education Alliance

If you are somebody who has long-suffered from chronic pain, imagine you've been given a gift from God that will help make that pain all go away. Now, imagine a tyrannical government has decided that you shouldn't be able to have the gift God has given you, though it harms no one, and decides to take it away from you and turn you into a criminal if you use God's gift to you.

Back on September 1st we told you in a story on ANP that the terrorist arm of 'Big Pharma' in America was preparing to launch an all-out terror attack upon millions of Americans by banning a plant that God put upon this Earth to help people who are suffering gravely from pain and choose not to turn to the deadly painkilling drugs created in a laboratory by Big Pharma

We also told you then that these very same 'big pharma terrorists' are also war criminals who are behind the war upon US Veterans ongoing right now in America according to a rather unlikely source, this story from Salon, which told us: Those who corrupted veterans’ health care & those who profit from this country’s endless wars are one and the same.


As this recent story from Daily Kos tells us, amidst a deadly nationwide painkiller epidemic, Big Pharma terrorists spent $880 million dollars to influence politicians nationwide. As their story also tells us, more than 165,000 Americans have lost their lives due to Big Pharma's poisons since 2000 alone.

This morning, we give you a very interesting update to this Kratom ban story and share with you a national call to action. Whether or not you are one of the millions of Americans who are now using Kratom to deal with your pain, according to Travis Lowin, director of the Botanical Education Alliance, "This is the very definition of government overreach and it should send chills down the back of every American who is concerned about their right to live freely." For those who think only 'drug abusers' use Kratom, you're so very wrong.

As we learn below, Americans fight against tyranny may be taking a turn with Kratom now on the front line. Why would a fair and just government want to ban a plant that helps millions from suffering? When Steve Quayle recently linked to the White House petition to stop the Kratom ban he also left this SQnote: MY HEART GOES OUT TO CHRONIC PAIN SUFFERERS - LEGISLATION LIKE THIS IS DESIGNED TO KILL, NOT SAVE LIVES. SIGN THIS PETITION - NOTE OPIODS ARE BEING TAKEN OFF THE MARKETS AND VETERANS ALSO ARE SUFFERING HORRENDOUSLY!


As we hear in the 2nd video below from Infowars, the DEA is attempting to criminalize another plant that grows naturally and actually helps people. Used by millions of Americans across the country, Kratom alone has never been linked to any deaths. Actually related to coffee, those who suffer chronic pain swear by Kratom and for very good reason: It works, and has for thousands of years.

Since our story back on September 1st, millions of Americans across the country have taken to action and as we have just learned at ANP, there is now a very real chance to save Kratom for generations of future Americans who are suffering from pain and who do not want to become addicted to the deadly, life-ruining pain killers created in a lab by Big Pharma

While ANP has been quick to jump all over the DEA for attempting to ban a plant God put on our planet to help those who are suffering without even doing any research into the matter, we've recently learned that the major ruckus raised by millions of Americans may be working. According to this new story from, the ban on Kratom will not go into effect today as originally stated after powerful US Senator Orrin Hatch (R - Utah) put his backing behind keeping Kratom legal.


As we're told in this story and the 1st video below, the chance to keep Kratom legal is now actually here but urgent action is needed to be taken. More than 50 US Congressional Representatives have now signed a Congressional letter to keep Kratom legal and a huge victory was actually won on Thursday in this battle against tyranny. Below videos are a huge number of contacts if you'd like to get involved in this fight against tyranny in America yourself.:

The fight to keep Kratom legal has been going better than expected.

On just 5 days notice, 50+ Congressmen signed the Pocan/Salmon Dear Colleague letter to keep Kratom legal, but OUR BIGGEST WIN was made official on Thursday, September 28th.

High ranking Senator, a lifetime champion for dietary supplements, Orrin Hatch (R-UT) is backing our effort to keep Kratom legal.

He has drafted the 'Hatch Dear Colleague Letter' which will be on your Senator's desk on September 29th. Like Pocan/Salmon, Senator Hatch is calling for an immediate halt to the ban.

Senator Hatch has stood up to fight FDA overreach and overregulation of dietary supplements for over 20 years. This could not be a more powerful, more informed Senator standing with us.

Hatch is a giant. In just over 3 weeks, we have gotten two Dear Colleague Letters drafted to both the House and Senate. It usually takes MONTHS to even get consideration - let alone a champion to draft a letter.

Senator Hatch WOULD NOT have drafted his Dear Colleague letter if our Pocan/Salmon campaign was a flop. We could not be in a better position right now. But - WE NEED TO GET AS MANY SENATORS AS POSSIBLE TO SIGN THE HATCH LETTER IN 2 DAYS.


Showing us the sheer power of Americans when we work together as one, Reddit users have also sprung into action, generating thousands of phone calls to their Congressional Representatives and to DEA offices across the country. Democrats, Republicans and Independents have all joined forces in this fight against tyranny and government overreach with this attempted Kratom ban that really would be nothing more than government terrorizing millions of Americans so that Big Pharma can get your business and your money

Despite the fact that the Drug Enforcement Agency in America says that Kratom has no medical value, Kratom has been used for more than a thousand years by people across the entire planet to help them deal with pain. With Kratom now a huge success in America with millions of Americans using it regularly rather than Big Pharma poisons, there's a very clear reason that Big Pharma is attempting to get their peons over at the DEA to ban it: Their profits are suffering terribly.

According to this new story from PRNewswire, a Kratom ban could lead to more than $5 billion dollars worth of Kratom industry losses and lead to more than 3 million Americans being harmed. Why would the DEA and the US government want to harm so many millions of Americans and is this attempted ban absolute proof that government is nothing more than a 'covert' terrorist organization, here to enrich their friends at Big Pharma while terrorizing Americans?

The recent book from Peter Gotzsche on sale now at Amazon is called "Deadly Medicines And Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare" and in it he takes a look at the tip of the iceberg of Big Pharma's ties to organized crime in America.

With the US government now attempting to ban a gift from God to those who are suffering great physical pain here in America, do Americans need any more proof that our government doesn't have our best interests in mind?

We'd love to see Obama's DEA drop this Kratom ban once and for all - while it would be a very small step, if Obama's government REALLY wants the American people to think they have our best interests in mind, it would be a small start.

As anyone who has used Kratom knows, for government to continue this ban by stating there is no 'medical use' for Kratom despite the fact that millons of Americans are now using it regularly for the pain relief that it provides rather than using Big Pharma's deadly poisons gives Americans 100% proof that our best interests are not being taken into account while the profits of greedy, Big Pharma terrorists are the only thing that matters to DC.

In closing, we thank Senator Orrin Hatch and all of the other members of Congress who realize the seriousness of this issue to millions of Americans who suffer greatly due to no fault of their own who don't want to become addicted to Big Pharma's poisons.

As a former employee of the United States Postal Service and US govt, I suffered great pain from degenerative discs in my neck and back due to work I did for them nearly 30 years ago. However, for more than 5 years, Kratom has been a gift from God to me, as it has been a gift from God to millions of Americans. Only a tyrannical government would take that gift away.


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