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June 16, 2018

Globalist Publication Hints Of Nuke Attack Upon New York As Russia Warns Of 'Chemical Weapons' False Flag In Syria

- Would Globalists Get America Nuked To Stop President Trump? Scary Results From TV Poll Show Globalists And Liberals Are Suicidal

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at Infowars by Paul Joseph Watson that appropriately went viral and was republished over at SHTFPlan and Zero Hedge, we finally get definitive proof that many liberals have gone bat-sh*t crazy in 2018 after a snap survey on a live TV show found that 71% of poll takers would rather America have no peace with North Korea than have to give President Trump credit for helping to put an end to the 70+ year 'cluster f***' the globalists created. 

With the audience on Michelle Wolf's Netflix TV show asked “Are you sort of hoping we don’t get peace with North Korea so you wouldn’t have to give Trump credit?”, the fact that 71% of those responded YES to 'NO peace' quite literally equates to 71% who would rather die in a fiery nuclear holocaust than rightfully give President Trump any kind of credit at all for putting an end to many decades of hostilities half a world away.

A poll that truly speaks volumes. Maybe Wolf should have phrased her question differently: "Are you sort of hoping we all die in a fiery nuclear holocaust so you wouldn't have to give Trump credit?" Think the results would have changed?


And while true 'Peace' for our planet Earth has moved one small step closer to becoming reality with the US and North Korea reaching an agreement on their nuclear program as we hear from Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams in the 1st video below, in this June 12th story from The New Yorker titled "This Is What A Nuclear Bomb Looks Like", they hint of potential danger still ahead.

Warning in their subtitle "If America is attacked, the strike probably won’t come from North Korea. And it will be even scarier than we imagine", their story goes on to lambast Trump for bringing the fear of nuclear war back to the minds of Americans, hinting "should that day arrive, it will be all President Trump's fault."

Their story then goes on to describe in great detail how such an attack might take place, outlining the march toward Armageddon step by step, as if the luciferian globalists already have such a catastrophe planned, all but ready except for it being carried out. And while most sane people would prefer to avoid a nuclear holocaust, as we've previously reported in numerous stories on ANP, apocalyptic Islam NEEDS 'Armageddon' to hasten the arrival of their 'anti-Christ mahdi'.

And should the corrupt globalists who've committed treason against America and sold out our nation and their souls to the devil to get Hillary Clinton into office look like they may soon face their 'just deserts', we'd never put it past the deep state 'false flag creators' to launch the final one. A false flag nuclear attack upon Washington DC that forever cements their 'new world order' as they officially move the capitol to underneath the Denver International Airport. While surely partly just speculation, would you put it past them? 


If all else fails, would the globalists attempt to take down President Trump by nuking America? 

The fact that a huge majority of liberals who took the poll on Michelle Wolf's tv show would rather have no peace with North Korea than for President Trump to be successful tells us we shouldn't put it past them. 

While President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace prize by two Norwegian politicians according to this recent story, Trump himself responded to a reporter's question back in May with: "The prize I want is victory for the world." President Trump gets it! Peace IS the prize! 

Yet that itself is a revolutionary act in the day and age that had been created under Barack Obama and George Bush before him of 'perpetual, never-ending war'. However, while the globalists and neocons demanded a war with Syria, President Trump has incredibly wisely considered his options and surely realized a war with Russia as a result is in no ones best interests, certainly not ours since such a war could see nuclear weapons used against America. 

And while the Middle East continues to simmer with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently hinting at a forthcoming war between the crescent and the cross while tensions with Iran could explode at any moment, so far President Trump has maneuvered his way through the treacherous mine field that his predecessors had laid out as a very real obstacle course before him. 


And though Barack Obama certainly cheapened the meaning of getting the Nobel Peace prize, as it was cheapened by both Adolf Hitler's nomination for it in 1939 and Joseph Stalin's nomination in 1945 and 1948, should President Trump help bring a true and lasting peace to the world when the globalists and deep state are aligned against him, who would argue that he didn't deserve it? Certainly the globalists and liberals following around Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who just happened to help invent the term 'perpetual war'. 

And while America still has a long way to go to extricate ourselves from other conflicts around the world that we shouldn't be wasting America lives on, does anybody think Hillary would have gotten us through North Korea? With President Trump accomplishing peace in North Korea despite the globalists war against him and America, we echo to liberals and globalists worldwide the recent remarks by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham: "If you don't like President Trump making a world a better place, we don't give a s***". 

With Thursday's IG report also: 

Confirming that Barack Obama lied about Hillary's email server;

proving corrupt FBI agents had sold away their souls and allegiance to America to get Hillary into office;

and proving to Americans across the board that the government of Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton had no respect whatsoever for the people they were SERVANTS TO, 'We The American People';

We hope that 'scumbag Comey' and the rest of the corrupted deep state will be fiercely prosecuted by President Trump and America, with those who corrupted our govt learning the hidden meaning of the oft-repeated phrase: "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Americans should NEVER fear their LAWFUL government again!


And yet such a prosecution could bring us to the globalits end game as we've long been concerned that they'd rather take America down in a blaze of fire than to be prosecuted and thrown into prisons where they belong for the rest of their lives for what they tried to do to President Trump and for what 'crooked Hillary' and her corrupted ilk surely did to the American people for decades running. 

As Zero Hedge reported within this Friday story, liberal pundits at mainstream news media outlets all across America recently showed they are really nothing more than warmongering filth, with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow one of many aghast that the threat of nuclear war is being reduced by President Trump doing away with the war games on the border of North Korea. Once again, globalists hinting they'd rather see America go down in flames than 'world peace' be accomplished and President Trump making America great again.

So we're not surprised to learn in this recent Zero Hedge story and in the final video below that the Russian Defense Ministry has once again warned about a potential false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria, carried out by globalists but blamed upon Assad, in another last ditch attempt to get the US into a war in the Middle East that could eventually lead to Russia's Satan 2 nukes raining down upon US soil followed soon by the end of the world. May God grant President Trump the wisdom to see through the madness. 

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