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September 13, 2015

Bloomberg September Illuminati Ritual: Banks Determine Who Lives, Who Dies! When Lights Go Out, The Party's Over - Massive Cyber Attacks Upon America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The stories that came in over the last few days dot the alternative and mainstream news landscape, from The Hill warning the US power grid is getting hammered to USA Today who warns experts have told a House committee that work is needed to be done to secure our power grid to The Atlantic who simply warns: "When The Lights Go Out". We all know the refrain... "the party's over."

Another USA Today story shared the US Department of Energy had been struck by cyber attacks more than 150 times between 2010 and 2014; this past August 19th Forbes told us 5 reasons that the US power grid is overdue for a cyber catastrophe. The handwriting is clearly on the wall - we have been warned. Forbes went on to tell us in 6 small words just why 'the big one', a cyber-induced blackout, would be so absolutely devastating and crippling for America...nothing works without the power grid. Forbes concludes their story perfectly.:

It probably will not be long before the weaknesses in the current structure lead to some sort of cyber catastrophe.† But donít count on hearing about it quickly, because you may not have any electricity.


A story at The Guardian on Saturday told us that officials from the US and China are now talking cybersecurity after Barack Obama warned China about recent cyber attacks against America that have been pegged on China; a visit to the NORSE Live Attack website (as seen in the screenshots at the bottom of this story) shows that America is still being completely annihilated by cyber attacks, day in and day out, all day long - with many of those attacks still coming directly from China.†

We also know that ISIS has threatened to attack our electrical grid, attacks that if successful could possibly leave up to 90% of Americans dead and as warned of in this new story from ABCNews, even the FBI is now warning about ISIS-inspired cyber attacks on 9/11 - how long will it be until they're successful in bringing our electrical grid down? Jane M. Orient, M.D. at WND tells us there is no time to wait, asking why we're releasing $150 billion of frozen Iranian assets which could be used for weapons manufacturing or terrorist training rather than keeping that money here and rebuilding and protecting our electrical grid.†


As Susan Duclos warned on ANP on September 11th, a cyber hack power grid takedown is only a mouse click away from bringing the US to our knees. Why are we leaving ourselves vulnerable to such a fate? Maybe if more people were aware of what the devastating outcome would be of a crippling attack we wouldn't be so complacent and leave ourselves so completely exposed.

In the videos below, we take a look at
a USA Today video on these recent cyber attacks upon our Department of Energy in the 1st video, the 2nd video shares information about some strange power outages in California on 9/11 while the 3rd video below from ExplorerOne takes a look at a recent Bloomberg story full of coded messages in a video he calls Bloomberg Illuminati September 23 Ritual: "Banks Determine Who Lives and DIES!"


It is clearly not business as usual in America and we have to look very deep to see the symbolism and coded messages that the elite are using to communicate with one another in these very interesting times we live in. The third video does just that in breaking down the Bloomberg story that deals with what we are now seeing in America's energy business and their warning that the banks think that they will determine who lives and who dies. Our videographer has an interesting take on what he considers an 'illuminati ritual' being played out as we lead up to a date many consider of great importance and full of energy, September 23rd. More below including a look at cyber attacks upon America happening right now from NORSE live attacks.

The following screenshots below were taken of the NORSE live attacks website and show America, once again, being obliterated on a cyber-attack level. Will one of these spell 'end game' for America? After having NORSE open for less than 1 minute, hundreds of attacks had been launched upon America and as you can see in the screenshots below, many of those attacks were launched from China. The attacks upon America continue unabated, all day long, hour after hour, day after day.






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