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June 18, 2019

LIVE: '45 Fest' Tailgate Party!! - Watch Official Trump 2020 Campaign Launch In Orlando, Florida 

(Trump supporters line up along one of the main streets outside the Amway Center some 40 hours before a Trump campaign event in Orlando, Florida, June 18, 2019)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

President Trump will be officially launching his 2020 Presidential campaign for re-election in Orlando, Florida. The MAGA rally is set to begin at 8:pm on June 18, 2019, and reports show that people started lining up over 40 hours ahead of time.

Due to the overwhelming amount of people that wanted to attended, the Trump campaign arranged for a tailgate party which started at 10 AM, and has been dubbed the "all-day 45 fest," by attendees. Food trucks, live music and giant screens set up so that everyone can enjoy the day and the rally itself once the President gets there and begins.

By all account thousands are already filling up the area staged for the overfill crowd and the tailgate parties kick into full swing, while other live coverage, shown below, shows the Amway Center already starting to fill up for this massive, high energy rally.

Live streams below for those that want to watch the official kick-off of president Trump's 2020 presidential campaign launch.

The livestream below will continue when the rally begins but the beginning of it shows speakers, Eric and Lara Trump discussing the Trump presidency, what is expected after re-election and some fun, lively interactions with massive crowds already outside and partying.

The 10 minute video below by Mike Nificent, shows the huge blocks-long lines outside the the rally location.

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