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February 14, 2017

Trump Turns The Tables On MSM Causing Major Media Meltdown As They Spend News Cycle On Fake 'Muslim Olympic Medal Winner Detained After Trump Ban,' Story


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I would say we are witnessing media meltdown number (insert number here) but frankly I have lost count on how many times the media has freaked out and gone into complete meltdown mode in the last few months since Donald Trump won the presidential election.


Yesterdays meltdown all over the headlines was over the fact that at the press conference held by President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump called upon media outlets that aren't the "establishment" media, like AP, NYT, Wapo, and the non-traditional media asked questions that concerned Americans the most according to the exit polls taken after the November election, instead of MSM preferred narrative of the embattled Michael Flynn, who has since resigned.

The non-traditional media asked questions on trade, terrorism, immigration, and what was the most important national security issues facing America. Good questions, issues that Americans have shown quite a bit of interest in, but not the "narrative" the MSM has been harping on for a week.

Washington Post lamented that by asking questions of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Toronto Star and The Daily Caller, rather than establishment media, Trump was "sidestepping" the Flynn controversy, and in another article said he "avoided" addressing the issue, while New York Times reporter Peter Baker complained on Twitter "By handpicking reporters, Trump manages to get through a news conference without being asked about Flynn, to which Bloomberg’s Angela Greiling Keane responded "By *handpicking* friendly reporters. To be fair, the previous WH also handpicked reporters. But it was very different than this."

NBC's Brian Williams went on-air to highlight "what wasn't being asked," while Deputy Washington Editor of the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman, unintentionally proves that the biggest complaint is that the MSM has lost control of the narrative.
"Biggest papers in the U.S. blare headlines on embattled National Security Adviser Flynn. Trump calls on WJLA & Daily Caller, no Flynn questions," he tweeted.

That right there is their biggest concern, an issue all the MSM has focused on ad nauseam, one Americans frankly are concerned less about than national security, economy and immigration issues, were not the focus of questions asked to Trump and Trudeau. 

They have learned nothing in the last two years, where they have admitted since the election they were more focused on what "they" thought and ignored the needs, concerns and wants of the general public. They have acknowledged their disconnect as they attempted to understand how they got their predictions of a Clinton win, so wrong. 

Yet, they are still doing it and in their bitter complaints, they are acknowledging, whether they mean to or not, that the only thing that is important to them is that they control the narrative and their belief that if they "blare headlines" it is the only thing that should be important to Americans.

Those days are gone. Trump has turned the tables on the MSM and they cannot handle it.

Washington Times writer Kelly Riddell hit the nail right on the head:

The mainstream media – especially CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post – have largely been combative of Mr. Trump’s presidency. Why would they think they would then be given preferential treatment at his press conferences? Because they’re the establishment?

There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding here.

It’s refreshing to see a White House give voice to lesser known news outlets – it’s more democratic in a way, opening the press corps up to different lines of questioning.

For, the mainstream media have tried to control the narrative for way too long. Their complaining they’re losing it is comical.

That isn't the only thing the MSM is throwing a hissy fit over either. It seems they are incensed over the fact that the conservative political blog Gateway Pundit, was allowed into the White House press room, to the point where the NYT actually published a hit piece against the popular conservative blog and it's owner.

RelatedWilliams Gushed Over ‘Reflective’ Obama, But Demands Tough Talk for Trump



It has come to our attention, via the Washington Examiner, that  a huge story that dominated headlines for a whole news cycle, from February 8th through the 9th, was "fake news."

It started when Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first female Muslim American to medal for the United States, spoke at the MAKERS conference on February 7, 2017, when the topic of President Trump's travel pause came up, to which she stated "Well, I personally was held at Customs for two hours just a few weeks ago. I don't know why. I can't tell you why it happened to me, but I know that I'm Muslim. I have an Arabic name."

Daily Mail reported on it, stating "It comes after Donald Trump signed an executive order banning travel from seven largely Muslim countries causing chaos in US airports. " The Hill reported "A Muslim-American Olympic medalist says she was detained by Customs for nearly two hours without explanation after President Trump's travel ban was instituted a few weeks ago."  The Independent headlined "US Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad says she was detained by customs after Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'." USA Today's For The Win, reported "Muhammad says she doesn’t know if she was held because of travel restrictions put in place by the Trump administration. However, it’s hard not to connect what happened to her and Trump’s executive order, which put severe travel restrictions on seven citizens of Muslim-majority countries."

Of course other liberals ran with it, because it matched their "preferred narrative", with Blavity headlining with "Team USA Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad Was Detained Due To Trump's Muslim Ban."

Four days later, she tweeted "Thanks to all who reached out regarding the December incident at customs. I will continue be a voice for all impacted by profiling & bigotry."


December? Errrrr..... News flash, Trump was inaugurated on January 20 and his EO was signed on January 27, 2017

To those that would defend the media outlets that ran with the story without bothering to contact customs, or even attempting to determine the date before claiming her being "detained," which customs says was a random check, and claim those media organizations simply made a mistake, today is February 14, 2017, and not one of them have a correction, or update on their original articles, explaining that her "detainment" happened before Trump was even President.

That is called "fake news."

PJ Media succinctly sums up the game the MSM is playing with these types of antics:

A less-than-charitable person might also suspect that MSM types who share these kinds of fake stories don't even care if they get it wrong at first because they know another ironclad rule of journalism: The initial, mistaken information will be retweeted much, much more than any subsequent correction.

And to a liberal, agenda-driven news media, the "narrative" is all that matters.

Anyone that thinks these are the exceptions and not the new rule of thumb for the mainstream media, take a look at The Daily Wire, who is keeping track of MSM "fake news" on a weekly basis, and has found that "The media told FORTY lies last week, for a total of SEVENTY-SEVEN separate incidents of Fake News in just three weeks." The writer John Nolte, provides links and details on each and every one.


This is why we need Independent Media and non-traditional media at White House press briefings and press conferences and major kudos to President Trump for allowing them access, and calling upon them, rather than just "establishment" media that will do anything, lie, steal, cheat and manufacture fake news, in an attempt to control the narrative.

President Trump and PM Justin Trudeau's full news conference below. Question and answer segment begins at the 11:44 minute mark. Readers can feel free to weigh in on whether the questions asked, the ones the MSM is bitterly complaining about, matches their interest more or less than the MSM's "Flynn" narrative.

Quick exit question: Why does it appear that Trudeau paused when going to shake Trump's hand, as if looking for a cue that it was ok?

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