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December 23, 2014

MH370 Diego Garcia -Now We Know! What Else Arenít They Telling Us?

By Live Free or Die

Back on March 18th, 2014 we reported that still-missing Malaysian 370 approached Diego Garcia, having been seen by residents of nearby Maldives Islands, a story confirmed by a US airline boss in this mind shattering new report that claims that the US military took down the plane because they believe that it had been hacked and was going to be used in a 9/11 style attack upon the military base.

With alternative media proving once again how far ahead of the mainstream media, we have to ask once again WHAT ELSE our government is hiding from us as Susan Duclos asks in the 1st video below why major governments across the world LIED to the families of victims, and searches went on in various WRONG locations with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS SPENT, when all along, the US government KNEW where this plane was, THEY had shot it down?!?!

A former airline boss and writer claims the U.S. downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 because the military feared it had been taken over by hackers and was about to be used in a 9/11-style attack.

Marc Dugain, the former chief executive of now-defunct Proteus Airlines, said the jumbo jet was shot down near a U.S. military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean after it was hacked.

He told Paris Match that islanders in the Maldives near Diego Garcia told him they saw the missing aircraft flying low.


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