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September 4, 2016

MSM Busted On Hot Mic Calling For 'Blackout' Of Positive Trump Coverage At African-American Church In Detroit


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We can quote polling statistics on how the general populace distrust the Mainstream Media, or how the public sees political bias in news coverage, or provide examples of the MSM selectively editing coverage, which in the case of NBC News resulted in a public apology and the dismissal of one of their producers, or how images we have seen in the news were sometimes digitally altered to make them more "compelling."

We could probably spend the whole day finding examples of this type of manipulation of the public, where the MSM believes they have the right to influence public perception by determining what they want you to see.... or in the case we are about to discuss, what they don't want you to see, but why quote examples when we finally can hear the truth for ourselves.

Yesterday Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump attended Saturday service at Great Faith International Ministries in Detriot. The event was covered live via a "media poool feed," which means one media outlet provides the livestream coverage to most of the other news outlets. 

By all accounts the visit to the African-American church was a success, with Trump recieving a standing ovation after his own remarks, and the optics described by those attending were mostly positive. 

Many watching the coverage live might have wondered why after Trump was given a prayer shawl by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, during Jackson's blessing of Trump, the cameras suddenly went dark.

It appears those running the pool feed decided to call for a "blackout," forcing the camera operators to "shut it down," despite verbal objections from the camera operator who wished to finish covering Jackson's remarks, the feed did indeed go dark, cut off during Jackson's remarks to Trump, and every other station or Independent journalist that was covering the event live using the Reuters feed, also went dark when they pulled the plug.

Key quote from camera operator before he was forced to stop filming: "I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say,… I’ll take a demotion for this…. you?"

Viewers may have to listen below a few times, as I had to, to catch the specific words that were caught on the hot mic the pool feed producers evidently didn't know were on, but it is there.

Right Side Broadcasting was also part of the live feed pool and they went dark as well, then after realizing they had suddenly gone dark, the narrator thanks folks for tuning in and explains that they are waiting for the feed to come back, and he explains they are part of a media pool feed and they were getting the feed from Reuters, stating that every other network carrying  the live feed had also gone black.

His remarks start at the 18:49 minute mark in the video below. (There doesn't seem to be a thumbnail image on the video, but click start and the video will begin)

According to MSM reporters at the event, it was the "campaign" that insisted they pack up at one of the most poignant moments of the event, which Twitter users challenged saying it makes no sense, and others saying it is a conspiracy theory to think Reuters made the decision to cut the live feed because it was looking too positive for Trump.

It is curious that the cameraman could be heard saying he would take the "demotion" because last I heard, if it was a "campaign" decision, no candidate's campaign has the authority to demote an employee of a media company, which does give a little more credence to those that claim this was a Reuters' decision, despite MSM reporters' claims to the contrary.

[UPDATE] Since we are talking media antics, here is a related must-read - TV network cops to ‘error’ in blurring Trump T-shirt of New Jersey good Samaritan.


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