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April 21, 2016

MSM Fervently Works To Prepare Masses For The Collapse Of Establishment Power


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

During the 2016 campaign season the GOP party establishment, with the full complicity of the Hell Stream Media aka MSM, have thrown everything, including the kitchen sink, at Donald Trump and the public, in order to maintain control of the presidential "selection" process.

They failed and are now using the puppet media to spin their defeat.

After Donald Trump's overwhelming win in New York on Tuesday, with projections for the upcoming April 26 contests in CT, DE, MD PA and RI, showing Trump is headed toward another Super Tuesday win in the majority of those states, we are seeing a huge change in the "tone" coming from the MSM as they attempt to prepare the masses and "spin" the collapse of establishment power as simply a "RNC warming to Trump" narrative.

From the moment Trump announced his candidacy the media was declaring said candidacy dead in the water, and as Trump rose in the polls, they continued to beat the same drum with SuperPacs, the Republican establishment, and other campaigns joining together offering up a †barrage of attacks ads, $70 million worth out $132 million of negative ads, attacking Trump.



Since the landslide Trump victory in New York, the so-called "elite" and the political class establishment power players, finally understanding they haven't been able to lead the people like sheep to the slaughter to their preferred candidate, are now once again using their puppets in the media to spin the story in a manner where they do not have to acknowledge that their influence on the process has been diminished to the point of almost non-existence.

Now rather than the echoes of "Trump Can't win" we are seeing headlines showing the Associated Press "declares Cruz mathematically eliminated from first-ballot delegate race," and the Washington Post tell anti-Trump forces to "be scared, be very scared," because the "new" Trump "should scare the hell out of the GOP establishment."

Even the liberal New Republic is blaring the headline "The GOP Canít Legitimately Deny Trump the Nomination," as they acknowledge what many GOP voters have already been saying as they made #StopTheSteal a household name.

Now that it looks like heíll be at least close to an outright delegate majority, itís difficult to see how anti-Trump conservatives can deny him the nomination and avoid accusations that they have rejected the discernible will of the Republican electorate.

No matter how short of 1,237 Trump falls, his argument at the convention will be simple, and completely intuitive: I might not have won in a way that requires the Republican Party to give me the nominationóbut I won a moral victory. Itís in your power to deny me the nomination, but woe betide the GOP if you do. This will ring true both to his own supporters, and to GOP voters who perhaps supported a different candidate but are amenable to Trump and believe instinctually that in an election, the person with the most votes should win.

Now Politico is telling readers that "Trump's real magic number is less than 1,237," and the†GOP elite whisper about a lower threshold for the front-runner to clinch the nomination, while Yahoo News is attempting to convince the public that the "Republican establishment warms to Trump after big New York win." Even the New Yorks Times is telling their readers "How Donald Trump Could Win The Nomination Outright."

Make no mistake, the GOP hasn't "warmed" to Trump, they are using the MSM to spin their defeat in a manner that makes it look like they helped Trump, while behind closed doors they are still working on ways to strip him of the nomination even if he reaches the 1,237 delegates needed to become the nominee on the first ballot.

While the MSM is busy doing the heavy lifting for the GOP establishment, the Trump campaign is fully aware of the new phase of smiling to his face while preparing to stab him in the back, as shown by the new internal campaign memo projecting that Trump will have 1,400 at the GOP convention, which made the headline over at Washington Post, but it is in the article itself where we note the Trump campaign is not buying into the sudden "tone" change.

As Manafort and another new hire, national political director Rick Wiley, meet privately with Republican National Committee members in Florida this week, the memo instructs campaign surrogates to publicly lash out at the RNC.

"The RNC has a lot to answer for as do those who are part of the donor class and the party establishment," the memo reads. "This movement scares the hell out of them and the people scare them, so they will do whatever they can to keep power."

That ladies and gentlemen is the bottom line. The RNC has been inundated with calls and emails with people ripping them to shreds for the "voterless" elections in Colorado and other states, people burning their GOP voter cards, and †that is what this "tone" change is all about - Taking the heat off them, pretending to "warm" to Trump, and setting the stage to pretend they weren't defeated, their power hasn't collapsed, if their last ditch efforts to stop Trump do not succeed.


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