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March 5, 2016

March 5-8, 2016 Presidential Primaries And Caucuses - OPEN THREAD - Today Multiples States Weigh In


By All News PipeLine


Results here -

Update - Primary/Caucus Results - For the Republicans -Trump took Kentucky and Louisiana, Cruz took Maine and Kansas. For the Democrats - Sanders took Kansas and Nebraska, Clinton took Louisiana.

For those that are not quite burnt out on primary/caucus watching and wish to discuss it, or drop links in the comment section thoughout the day or  as the results start coming in, interesting video clips, anything related to the Primaries/Caucuses being held between March 5, 2016 through March 8, 2016, we are providing one thread for it all.

REPUBLICAN primary and caucus voters will be weighing in on March 5 in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Maine.  These will be followed on March 6,  with the Puerto Rico primary and on March 8, with Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi. 

DEMOCRATIC primary and caucuses will be held in Kansas, Louisiana and Nebraska on March 5. These will be followed by Maine on March 6 and Michigan and Mississippi on March 8.

The full schedule can be found at Election Central, which also provides the amount of delegates at stake in each state and whether they are awarded proportionally or winner-take-all.

On the Republican side, according to Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump leads in the latest polls for Louisiana, Kentucky and Kansas for March 5. On the Democratic side, according to Real Clear Politics, Hillary Clinton leads in the latest polls for Louisiana and Kansas on March 5.

March 8 polls for Republicans here at RCP and for Democrats here at RCP. States polling numbers not shown indicate a lack of polling data for that particular primary or caucus as they are not yet listed at RCP.

See also polling data for 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination and 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination.



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