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January 6, 2019

Ladies, This Is Never, EVER, A Good Look - Masculine Feminists With Hairy Armpits And Legs Are Leading To 'Social Catastrophe' And The Collapse Of The Traditional Family


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have often written about the attack on male masculinity, and the deliberate agenda to feminize men, between the cultural battle to treat any masculine AKA Alpha male as if they are "toxic," to the chemicals in household products that pump Xenoestrogens into our bodies, resulting in more "girly men."  We have shown the fashion lines creating dresses, skirts, mini-skirts and heels for men, and make up companies using male cover models all decked out in eyeliner, lipstick and blush, while the media hails male "drag" kids being sexualized and hailed as "the future of America."

I address those issues because it is important for people to know what products and people are deliberately are feminizing their male children, so they can either avoid them, or take meausures to counter by methods of boosting testosterone in men.

There is a flip side to that topic though, that is practically taboo to speak about without Feminists and the LGBT community having a fit over the truth being reveled.


When I talk about women becoming masculinized, it could be lesbians where one of the couple is "Butch," while the other is more feminine, or heterosexual women that consider themselves modern day "feminists," and how they are looking more and more like men. 

While this shouldn't be a political issue, in one aspect it is, because the majority of the hard-core modern day feminists, the ones we often refer to as Feminazis, self-identify as liberals, while conservative women generally believe in equal rights, but do not subscribe to the "male hate," and the destruction of men, as so many liberal feminists do today.

Conservative women also do not try to downplay their femininity, but rather take pride in what they are, as where liberal feminists seemingly try to look different and in many cases, more masculine.

I remembered an older graphic showing high profile liberal women compared to high profile conservative women, hunted it down, and the visual definitely speaks for itself.



Make no mistake, it is not a matter of beauty or appeal, it is the deliberate attempt to make themselves look less feminine for some reason, which is ironic for a group that hails the term "feminist."

Another disturbing news item I ran across is a new month-long campaign started by a young woman in the UK, called "JanuHAIRY," which encourages women across the world to stop shaving their legs, their armpits, whatever..... and the images these women are proudly displaying.... well, readers need to see for themselves.


No.....NO......NO!!!!  That is never a good look for a woman. Just, No.

If it was just one woman, it wouldn't be noteworthy, but others are joining that campaign and showing off their hairy armpits and legs, and this isn't new, as back in 2017, Paris Jackson, daughter of deceased singer Michael Jackson, also made it a point to show off her hairy legs and armpit tufts, which is exactly the type of pattern we are noting with a certain segment of women these days...... they are looking and acting more like men, more masculine, while at the same time doing everything in their power to feminize the male species. In 2015, female "Armpit Hair," was hailed as the latest celebrity trend by talkshow host Wendy Williams.

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While a person cannot help what they are born looking like, there is most definitely a conscious and deliberate attempt by many feminists to look more masculine as I found whole discussions online about it, such as one from Quora, stemming from the question "Do women who look/behave more masculine face less discrimination than women who seem more feminine?"

One admitted to shaving her head, another keeping their hair very short and dressing in a masculine manner. Others think that a "masculine woman can become a 'token minority' in a male group and fit in, in a way," claiming then that the masculine looking women won't face as much "sexism." In one comment someone claims the old adage "If you're a woman, you should act/look like a woman," is a "sexist concept."

The entire discussion was filled with feminist talking points about "male condescension and violent male egos," and their favorite dog whistle "patriarchal views." What captured my attention the most is the very basis of the discussion, as if being a woman automatically makes them some type of victim. More than that, it appears they feel that being feminine is a handicap, rather than something to be celebrated.

After reading through quite a few discussions among feminists, it is easy to understand why they always seem to be outraged, offended and miserable all the time. 



There are a variety of reasons the fertility and birth rates are near historical lows, which includes the feminization of men, but we cannot discount how the masculinization of women and modern day feminism contributes to the breakdown of traditional families, which in turn is leading to a dysfunctional society.

In the second video below tucker Carlson is joined by Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where they discuss the collapse of the traditional "family," which she calls a social catastrophe. 

Below: How Feminism Makes Women Unhappy and Undatable

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