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April 6, 2015

Russia Prepares To Go 'Hot' - Announces 4,000+ Military Drills For 2015 Including Massive New Drill With 20,000+ Troops!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Russia has announced they will begin a massive new military drill with over 20,000 troops involved using over 7,000 'units' of weapons in just the latest build-up to World War 3 that will also consist of more than 4,000 military exercises across the country in 2015. These latest announced drills will consist of retaliatory missile and air strikes that involve bombers, assault and army aviation, Pacific fleets, rocket and artillery units and electronic warfare against a 'simulated enemy' and are just the latest signs that Russia is preparing to go 'hot' as NATO and the west continue to antagonize in the Ukraine.

Coming only days after Russia announced that they are prepared to use nuclear weapons in the Baltics and Crimea if necessary, these latest drills come as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Finland and Sweden prepare to rally their troops as the Russian bear is growling. 

In the 1st video below from DAHBOO77 we learn of these latest Russian drills in more detail while in the 2nd video below from David Vose, we're given the nuclear alert news, Russia is preparing to go nuclear as all life hangs in the balance.

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