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October 9, 2017

Media Using Vegas Shooting As Attack Against The 'Christian White Male' - The MSM Is Pushing For A Race War

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the mainstream media has not had any shortage of headlines regarding the Vegas shooting which killed over 50 people and resulted in the injury of more than 500 others, they have utterly failed to address or even attempt to address the increasing inconsistencies and anomalies of the "official narrative," but even more egregious is their obvious attempts to push a storyline of "the shooter was a Christian white male, so why does anything else matter?



For example, while investigators are busy telling the public they are digging to find a "motive" for why a millionaire would open fire on concertgoers, CNN blatantly headlines an article with "Why does the Las Vegas shooter's motive even matter?" (Archive is link here)

Within the article they do provide statements from "experts in profiling mass shooters," answering the question of why motive is important, which is to possibly prevent future events like this, but it is the top of the fold paragraphs that indicate exactly how the writer feels about the topic:

Indeed, in the week since the worst mass shooting in modern US history, there has been an intense focus on figuring out the shooter's motivation.

But why, exactly? Paddock himself is dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police are looking to find out if anyone knew of his plans ahead of time, but they have said he acted alone. There will be no criminal case against him. Learning his motivation won't bring back the dead or help heal the nearly 500 wounded.

Does his motivation even matter? Why do we care so much about the motives of mass shooters?

CNN wasn't alone, USA Today also headlined an article with "We don't know Stephen Paddock's motive. Does it matter?"

If it was just CNN and USA Today, this type of implication that white male "toxicity" is all the information that is really important, could be waved away, but we are starting to see a pattern, perfectly captured in an interview with Sheriff David Clarke by a panel on News One Now, that makes the MSM's new preferred narrative even more clear.

During the panel portion of the discussion, African American panelists pile on Clarke attempting to get him to say that because Stephen Paddock was a "white male" and he killed people, this should be considered an act of domestic terrorism, with panelists asserting that if this was BLM activist Clarke would call it domestic terror or if the shooter had screamed 'Allahu Akbar' Clarke would call it terrorism.

Clarke maintains that until the facts are in, meaning a motive is ascertained, the Vegas massacre cannot be defined as domestic terrorism and he is correct.

The Patriot Act defines domestic terrorism as an attempt to "intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping."

That is why Clarke and others calling BLM attacks against police officers, or Antifa attacks against peaceful protesters or events, domestic terror, because their motives have been clearly stated, all of which match the legal definition of domestic terror, but without a motive for Paddock, the Vegas massacre cannot be deemed so.

It is also important to note that "terrorism" charges cannot be brought against suspects unless they are acting on behalf of a State Department designated terror organization.

This is the main reason why so many Americans have signed petitions to get Antifa groups listed as a terror organizations, because they have publicly stated their purpose of using intimidation and coercion to influence the policy of a government or to affect the conduct of a government.

Example: Antifa group Refuse Fascism's stated plan for November 4th "protests," which have previously included rioting and violence against civilians, with the stated goal of overthrowing the duly elected president, would be considered domestic terrorism if the different Antifa groups that have been connected to the violent protests were listed by the state Department as terrorist organizations.

The FBI and DHS have already labeled Antifa groups violence as "domestic terror" activity, but without the official designation, actual terrorism charges cannot be brought against those arrested.

Another blatant example of the media using the Vegas shooting as a direct attack against Christian white males, comes from Newsweek, which headlines a piece with "The Far Right Won't Accept Las Vegas Killer Was a Christian White Male." They begin their piece by stating "The killer was a white guy, a Christian by birth if not belief."

Nowhere in the piece do they explain that statement, especially in light of the fact that Paddocks own brother has publicly stated that Stephen Paddock had no religious affiliations.  In fact the only connection to religion that has been found for Stephen Paddock is that his father attempted to start a church so that he could swindle charities and churchgoers by running crooked bingo games.



This brings us to "motive" and not the motive behind the Vegas shooting, but to the motive of the mainstream media which is their war against the Christian white male and their desire to create even more racial divisions.

The attempts by the MSM to wave away the importance of a motive for Paddock came after ISIS claimed that Paddock had converted and was committed on behalf of their organization. This is a claim they made immediately after the Vegas shooting, and have reiterated since, and some experts have said it could be true

Law enforcement to date has said they have not found a connection between ISIS and Paddock, but a recent report that has seemingly fallen through the cracks, claims the FBI foiled a plot months ago, but released the details of that plot by ISIS members and/or supporters, after the Vegas shooting, which specifically stated part of that plot was to "shoot people at concert venues."

Prosecutors alleged the men in New York plotted similar mass destruction during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The men wanted to carry out bombings and shootings in Times Square and the New York City subway system and shoot people at concert venues, and they referenced similar attacks in Brussels and Paris, authorities said.

Whether authorities do or do not end up finding a connection between Paddock and ISIS, other than his trips to the Middle East, doesn't negate the coincidence of an ISIS cell planning attacks which included attacking concert attendees and the recent Vegas massacre. It also won't matter a hill of beans even if a connection is found if the media can convince the public beforehand that all that really matters is Paddock was a "Christian white male," and he killed people, as part of their war on the American white male and their constant push to create more and more racial divisions.

This goes directly back to the interview with Clarke above, where the panelists are attempting to claim that "white males" that commit atrocities are someone treated differently than groups like BLM, despite the fact that "motive" is the defining factor in why some violent acts are instantly called domestic terror and others are not because they do not match the legal definition of domestic terrorism.

What is the MSM's motive for this all out war on the American white male? They, like Hillary Clinton, when they are not blaming "Russia" for Trump's election win, are blaming "millions of white people." Clinton even goes further and blames white men for convincing their wives and girlfriends to not cast their vote for her.


The media has dropped the ball on a number of inconsistencies regarding the Vegas shooting, refusing to ask questions that ordinary Americans would like to see answered, labeling questions that don't fit their narrative as a fringe "conspiracy" theory, while at the same time they are converging on a narrative to deliberately divide the nation along racial lines by claiming that crimes committed by the "Christian white male" are treated differently and labeled differently than crimes committed by others.

Liberals, including the MSM, blame "conservative white Christian voters,"  for Donald Trump's election, which is clearly evidenced in how many celebrated the Vegas shooting, because they perceived that those attending a country and western concert were conservative white people, so to them, they don't need a "motive" for Stephen Paddock, all they care about is labeling him a "Christian white male," shooter, and claiming that his not being labeled a white supremacist domestic terrorist is proof of racism.

And if you don't agree with them... then you are racist white supremacist who voted for Donald Trump!

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