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June 26, 2018

Media Madness: CNN Whines About 'Civility' After Rally-Goers Tell Acosta 'CNN Sucks,' 'Go Home, Jim' As 'Deplorables' Start Fighting Back


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While President Trump was delayed due to storm conditions from a rally for South Carolina's Republican Governor Henry McMaster, attendees waiting for the event to begin turned on CNN's Jim Acosta and the CNN network itself, with an elderly Hispanic woman accusing Acosta of not respecting the country before she riled up the crowd into chanting "Go Home, Jim," and dubbing him "fake news Jim," with others chanting "CNN sucks."

While reporting live from the event, Acosta described the scene, then whines about how people are not showing "civility," with another rally-goer holding up a large white sign behind him that said "CNN SUCKS."

Some clips from the rally events, along with Acosta's statement on civility and the chanting crowd, shown below, starting at the 25 second mark.


Absolutely stunning that Acosta wants to talk about civility, just days after CNN's Symone Sanders defended the lack of civility shown to Sarah Sanders when she was asked to leave the Red Hen Lexington restaurant simply because she works for the President, stating that people "calling for civility need to check their privilege."

Well Jimbo, I guess you better check your privilege, eh?

For three years, the media, liberals, and Democratic politicians have slandered Trump supporters, with Hillary Clinton dubbing half of Trump supporters as "deplorables," calling them "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it."

CNN contributor Michaela Angela Davis recently asserted that all Trump supporters were "racists." MSNBC's Donny Deutsch called Trump supporters the "bad guy," likening them to Nazis. MSNBC's guest Michael Moore compared Trump supporters to "accomplices to rape," stating "If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn't rape her -- are you a rapist," before going on to call them "racists."

GrabieNews has an excellent montage video of recent attacks against Trump supporters being aired on CNN and MSNBC, along with some other examples of what the liberal media apparently considers to be "civil."

I ran across a graphic on Twitter recently that perfectly captures the "civility" that President Trump, Trump supporters, and conservatives have been shown of the course of the past couple of years.


That is just a small sample.

Stefan Stanford recently wrote that Trump supporters are "mad as hell"  over being treated like dirt by liberals and, yes, media outlets such as CNN, and what occurred in South Carolina on Monday shows that Trump supporters have had enough of the double standards where the media can lie about us, label us, attack us, censor us, threaten us, dox us, and we are fully prepared to give them a taste of their own medicine.

As members of the Trump administration are being harassed while in public, kicked out of restaurants, having their homes surrounded by protesters, while having mutilated and burned animals left on their doorsteps, with the media not only defending some of these actions (like Sanders being asked to leave the Red Hen Lexington) while still attacking Trump supporters and calling them names, to see Jim Acosta claim that "we all think" that Americans should be entitled to a certain level of civility, goes to show the level of disconnect that the media is suffering.

It is like they are living in an alternate reality. They seem to think it is alright for them say and do anything they want, yell and scream at the White House press secretary during the press briefings, as Acosta and others have done multiple times, publicly call Trump supporters horrible names, claiming they are "white supremacists" and "racist Nazis,"  but if Trump supporters get angry and fight back, they are the ones being uncivil.


The bottom line here is that the media itself has fomented discord among Americans, promoted some of the most uncivil discourse on their own cable news shows, in their papers, and after three years of being the target of their attacks, the "deplorable" Trump supporters are starting to hit back, using their own tactics against them.

Unable to take the same heat they have been serving for three years, now people like Accosta and other news personalities are crying foul, and claiming they support a certain level of "civility," is quite frankly "fake news."

What they want is for Trump supporters to be civil to them while they continue to attack those same supporters.

Those days are over. They are reaping what they have sown.

Below Laura Ingraham does an outstanding job of exposing the "Organized Hatred Of Mad Maxine & The Hateful Left."


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