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July 16, 2015

Media Silent On Strange Events Across America On The First Day Of Jade Helm 15! Were Power, Phone, Email And Cable Outages A BETA Test?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

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Some very strange events happened from one end of America to the other on July 15, 2015, the same day that the military operation Jade Helm 15 started in multiple states and the media has been silent about almost all of them and have, in fact, attacked "conspiracy theorists," rather than reporting on those events.

On July 15, 2015, ANP reported on mysterious "service outages" across America, showing maps from AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Time Warner, Cox and Verizon and while the media was silent, the comment section of that piece was not, with over 250 comments and mailed tips, we received multiple notifications of other strange events.

NOTE - While not all these reports could be confirmed, others could be and in the absence of reporting thre truth by the mainstream media, it is the readers, all across the country that have to be the eyes and ears and witnesses, in order to get the news out there. I would go as far as to say that readers are some of the best sources because they know what is happening in their homes, their streets, neighborhoods and cities.


For example, we were immediately informed in the comment section of Microsoft Office email and calendar services going down from a reader:

john - ago So I work for Microsoft and EVERYTHING is down right now. Outlook/Enterprise/Sharepoint, even internal Microsoft only software...this has never happened since I had worked here. Coincidence?

Sure enough, many could not access their emails, as was reported a short time later that those services, did indeed go down.

Reports suggested that e-mails could not be sent or received in some parts of the Southern California area starting in the mid-afternoon time period. A spike in reports of Office 365 e-mail problems was recorded by site, which tracks service outages, starting at around 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time (5:00 p.m. Eastern Time).

Other email notifications were sent out, making people wonder at the "timing."

kat-  Received an email this am that Yahoo Mail is going down tonight at 10:00 pm PDT for what else "scheduled maintenance". Down from 10pm to 6 am tomoorrow. Hmmm.... interesteing timing..

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on your Yahoo Mail account from 10 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 15 to 6 a.m. PDT on Thursday, July 16. During this time, your account will not be accessible from your computer or mobile phone.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes and appreciate your patience while we work to improve our service.
Thank you for using Yahoo Mail,

The Yahoo Mail Team


Another reader kept us updated throughout the day on what was happening in the part of Indiana where she was from, her cell service went out for making phone calls, yet she could still send text messages, then she copied a message from her local news Facebook Page, showing the following:

sistersoldier -  agoThe following just posted on our local news facebook page:

"Government agencies, including City Hall and the County Complex, are experiencing a phone outage. This is reportedly a phone company issue. It's not yet known when service will be restored."

Coincidentally, or not, Yahoo decided to schedule "maintenance" on the the same day Jade Helm started as well as we were shown a notification sent to another reader:

One that could not be confirmed as of yet, but I found highly interesting considering how the U.S. government doesn't want military members reding Alternative Media sites, was this next one:

Serpent • 14 hours agoWest Point Military Base all internet down. Cell phone still fugazi too.

Melissa Holt  - I live in Minnesota and I've been having issues with cell service ihave sprint. At my work we have been having issues with internet and computer systems not working

Reports of phone and cable outages are still coming in:

Michael Smith  -39 minutes ago -I had very brief cell phone outtages yesterday morning. Other than that, nothing. I am directly across the road from Camp Swift, Texas. Pretty much normal base traffic. However, they were apparently training near they very back area of the base.

The Liberty Point - Ive noticed some ups and downs on our Internet Connection here in S. California.

Scott Rowan - Issue at roughly 2am last night/early this morning (July 15) with TWC in northern South Carolina (our internet comes through Charlotte, NC). Called and the auto-message said "service outage. working to get it back up as soon as possible. no expected restore timeline)

Freedom 14 - In Southern Oregon we did have a power outage yesterday and my phone has been kicking me out of apps, coincidence? Att tower.


Tina McBride - All of these outages and more. Several airlines were grounded today due to "glitches". I have also noticed that the internet comes and goes for the last week. You can be on it and suddenly disconnected. And, all of this is happening right as Jade Helm is happening. There is no way that this is a "normal" operation. When was the last time any one of you have seen this type of "operation" EVER on US soil? Also, they have to have blackouts across the country at once--otherwise, it would be really obvious what they are doing. So, they are orchestrating blackouts across the country to say, "Hey, we are not doing Jade Helm exercises on those states; therefore, it can't be related." Don't believe a darn thing our government says. This is all in preparation for something bigger. Anyone who can't see that is a plain idiot.

sistersoldier - Update: We just had a member of the public come in and say that ATM and card readers are down in our area NW Indiana.

While that article garnered it's fair share of trolls, those talking of tin foil hats and waving away all the "coincidences," other readers were far more aware:

TheCountess  - Meaning, no internet access from personal people to other personal people. Computer control. Whether O gets control of said computers, said domains are already in allegiance. Too timely for me..

Incriminally Sane  to TheCountess - With no communication via E-mail and reduced cell phone service, this would be a perfect "Opportunity" for the evil controllers to have their way with the people of America.No Texting or E-mail? Hmmmmm.........

John Gault  - Ignore the trolls. Is it any wonder that they are out in record numbers on today of all days? They will distract you as much as possible with question upon question about stuff you and I know they can obtain on their own if they really were unaware. Think about it, you and I searched and found our answers and they can do the same. They will attempt to enrage you. Ignore and do not engage.

Above is just a small sample of the crowd sourced information coming in to ANP as people are attempting to get the info out there because the media won't.



Are all these events simply "coincidence," or is the U.S goverment conducting a BETA test to see how fast they can shut down the lines of  communication? Attempting to find out how many they can shut down and how fast they can do it to prevent news of what is occurring in certain cities and states from being reported on.

If they are conducting some type of BETA test there is still some work to be done before they go live because others in areas marked on outage maps were able to still communicate and reported they were having no issues.


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