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July 17, 2018

One Shocking Image Captures The Evil Essence Of The Radical Liberal #Resistance And The Trump Haters As Media-Incited Hate Spikes

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While this article will detail far more than just one image that captures the evil essence of the so-called #Resistance of the left, and Trump haters, who sound more and more like their liberal counterparts every day,  the shocking "art" in the window of 'The One Grand Gallery," in Portland, Oregon, pretty much says it all.


The social media messages attached to this disgusting image, show where it was taken: The One Grand Gallery  at 1000 E Burnside Street, in Portland, OR.  97214. Phone number is 971-266-4919.  Secret Service’s phone number is 1-202-406-5708.

That is today's left encapsulated in one image, a representation of what can be seen on almost any social media platform, chat rooms, forums and comment sections of liberal websites, where threats against the president's children, his administration officials, where hatred and vitriol is spewed in social media posts, by the thousands per day, and where death threats have become a common things for #resistance members to wish upon Trump supporters.

While at first I thought it was a photoshopped image or a hoax, a look at their Facebook page after people started reporting them to the Secret Service, admits it is indeed part of their display, as they show the same image, with the message "The same people offended over a “death threat” are the same people upholding death threats & violence. Irony."

[UPDATE]Portland art gallery takes down violent Trump illustration.

Personally, what I see as ironic is their claim that Trump supporters, and as seen in the comment section of their Facebook post, even those that do not support President Trump but are offended over the image, are "upholding death threats and violence," when Breitbart has now provided a list of documented cases of violence, hate  and/or harassment by the the radical left against Trump supporters and administration officials.

They have documented 502 incidents since September 2015, with 126 of those in 2018 alone. 37 cases have already been detailed in the first 17 days of July, and the 17th isn't over yet!

SeeRap Sheet: ***502*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

While I won't reinvent the wheel by discussing each of the harassment/violent events, I would like to highlight some of the most recent egregious examples, where radical resistance (liberals) have chased a pro-Trump group out of a bar, left threatening voicemails and emails to a GOP Representative from Idaho, threatened to "curb stomp" a Trump supporter at Disneyland, harassed Trump administration officials on the street and in grocery stores, and harassed a former Trump administration official at a bookstore.

Another example recently reported is explained in the interview below, where a group of young Republican campaign volunteers were in Raleigh, North Carolina, obtained a ride by Uber, and the driver pulled into a gas station, then kicked them out. After dumping them in an unfamiliar place that was not their original destination, he told them "welcome to the #resistance" before stranding them there.

Perhaps even more disturbing is how current and former Trump administration officials are being harassed at their own homes. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner had their home surrounded by anti-Israel activists with loud speakers. Remember they have three young children living in their home.

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was harassed while he was in his own yard. DHS Secretary Nielsen has also had her home surrounded by activists.



Each month we are seeing an increase in the amount of harassment from radical liberals against Trump supporters, conservatives and Trump administration officials. Some of that harassment has come by way of actual death threats, such as the man that threatened to kill Senator Rand Paul and "chop up" his family with an axe. Other examples have shown an uptick in violence as well, from property destruction to physical attacks against a man for just having a Trump flag in his own yard.

This increase in violent behavior and harassment, online and offline, has coincided with the rise in media hysteria, where ever action taken by the Trump administration is declared treasonous, dangerous, deadly or whatever hyperbole the media colludes to converge on in that particular moment.

While the Breitbart rap sheet calls it "Media-Approved" acts of violence and harassment, I vehemently disagree with that assertion. It is not just approved by the media, this increasingly violent behavior and vitriolic rhetoric is being incited by the media, deliberately.

The liberal media has been using their publications and television/cable shows to terrify their audience, colluding to converge on pre-determined talking points, such as the "concentration camp" example, where they say it, or write it, over and over and over again until they get the sheep to start mimicking those talking points, and next thing you know, people are protesting about "concentration camps," which anyone with even basic knowledge understand the illegal immigrant shelters are nothing like actual concentration camps.

After the protests by the media-incited terror, comes the violence, such as assaulting officers at the Portland ICE facility, or vandalizing the New York DHS building, or attacking prayer rallies.

The more hysterical the media acts, inciting their audience, the more examples of violence and harassment get documented. The correlation is undeniable, and the fact is, the media collude with each other on talking points in order to control the public in just that manner.

I show a bit about that collusion and how they do it, in the video below, by providing historical context.

Final note: The liberal media is playing a very dangerous game here as I see many conservatives noting that we are at a tipping point and things are going critical, wondering when something is going to crack fully. The answer is simple: Conservatives, Republicans, and/or MAGA supporters, have been holding onto their tempers in the face of all these attacks, first by the media hysteria, then by those who have become incited to violence by the same media. As I have said before, eventually, those being attacked, will hit back (not first) and then, all hell will break loose.

I will repeat a previous assertion: The subsequent blood that is spilled, will be on the hands of the liberal media.


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