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June 13, 2018

Meet The "Swamp Drainer' At State - America First Opponents Dash For The Door As She Vets Personnel For Loyalty To Agenda


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Her name is Mari Stull, she was brought on as a senior advisor at the State Department’s International Organization Bureau, and according to Foriegn Policy Magazine, she is "triggering an exodus of top career staffers."


Ms. Stull, aka the "Swamp Drainer" was brought on in April and she has been "quietly vetting career diplomats and American employees of international institutions to determine whether they are loyal to President Donald Trump and his political agenda," FP reports.

The State Department’s Bureau of International Organization Affairs governs the relationships between U.S. Officials and the UN, and other international organizations. Those responsibility of those officials is to represent the administration's agenda internationally.

As many readers know when President Trump took office there were many within agencies, such as the FBI, DOJ, and the State Department that were not on board with his "America First" agenda and who actively worked against promoting and enforcing his agenda. One clear example is former acting AG Sally Yates who refused to do her job in defending President Trump's travel pause for people coming from countries with high levels of terrorism. She was immediately terminated for it and rightly so.

We have seen clear and obvious bias from others such as FBI agent Peter Strzok, which was exposed by the DOJ Inspector General's investigation, that uncovered text messages between Strzok and his alleged lover FBI special counsel Lisa Page. Those text messages revealed massive anti-Trump/Pro-Clinton biases. Strzok was reassigned from the Mueller special counsel team and Page has recently resigned.

Over the last year-and-a-half we have seen a slow draining of holdover from the Obama administration that were not loyal to President Trump or his political agenda, which he was elected to implement. Since an initial clean sweep would have been dangerous and impossible, the slowness of this process has been frustrating to some.

Enter Ms. Stull who is reportedly vetting State Department employees, reviewing their social media presence, determining their political leanings and "making lists" of employees that are potentially disloyal to the administration and President Trump's agenda. 

According to the same FP report, "Three deputy assistant secretaries of state in the bureau, Molly Phee, the bureau’s principal deputy, Erin Barclay, and Nerissa Cook," are dashing for the door, in what is described as an "exodus."

Other officials said Moley and Stull have impeded the bureau’s day-to-day work by keeping career officials out of some meetings with foreign counterparts, a break from accepted practice, and refraining from briefing them on the outcomes.

Officials have resorted in some cases to asking foreign government officials about the results of the meetings with their own bosses.

Stull also requires that every directive issued by the office be reviewed by her first, causing a bureaucratic bottleneck and even stalling issues that appear to be priorities of the White House.

While the FP article almost "sounds" sympathetic to the "swamp" vs the vetting process and Stull's methods, it is abundantly clear that Stull herself is determined to make sure that employees are, in fact, implementing the president's agenda.

A direct quote from State Department makes it clear where Stull's superior Kevin Moley, and Stull's loyalties lie, stating  that Moley and Stull "are committed to President Trump’s vision of strong American leadership on the world stage, and the mission of of the Bureau of International Organization Affairs, which is charged with advancing U.S. national interest by engaging with the United Nations and other international agencies and organizations."

As it should be. These people were hired to enforce and actively promote the president's agenda internationally. An agenda that President Trump has been very clear about, always starting with the premise of "American First."

Which brings us to a very, very interesting sentence from the FP report that indicates Stull, and by being supportive of her methods, Moley, are actively wiping out the "New world order, one world government" policies of the Obama administration.



Quick Flashback: In September 2015, I published a video and  the transcript from Barack Obama's speech given to the UN's General Assembly, where I highlighted his continual use of terminology such as "international system," a "system of international rules and norms,"  an "international order,"  an "integrated world," as well as  "international norms and principles and law," and "international order," while never once mentioning American sovereignty.

I said at the time "Obama just kicked off the next phase of the New World Order agenda," and that he exposed his "ultimate goal of a "One World Government."

Jump forward to the sentence that tells me the policy being steered by Stull, Moley and their boss, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is a clear message being sent:

According to two officials, she has stripped all references to “international law” and “international order” from action items and memos coming from the international organization bureau.

Goodbye new world order, Hello America First."

The Hill highlights that Stull was appointed by Moley, and she tweeted about the appointment by saying "the global swamp will be drained."


At the end of the FP piece we see more evidence of Stull's opinions, via their highlighting of specific social media statements:

On her Twitter feed, Stull has criticized the U.N. as “bloated” and “biased,” dismissed the U.N. Human Rights Council as an “abject failure,” and derided UNESCO, the organization that supports international education, culture, and history, as the U.N.’s “seedy underbelly.”

She has also said the budget for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election would be better spent on storm victims in Texas and Florida.

In response to a tweet by former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a controversial law enforcement figure and high-profile Trump supporter, promising to poke the press “in the eye with a sharp stick and bitch slap these scum bags til they get it,” Stull replied: “@SheriffClarke has spoken. #StandDown #FakeNews #Fierce.”

Sounds to me that the State Department picked the perfect "Swamp Drainer."


Kevin Moley, was confirmed by the Senate until March 22, 2018, and by April 2018, had brought Stull on as senior advisor and that is when she began to start vetting the employees to determine their agendas, and ultimately if they were and would, going forward, do their jobs to push the president's agenda, or if they were actively working against President Trump's agenda.

From everything I have read, it appears they have the perfect woman in place to drain the State Department swamp monsters.

Some other "swamp" news in the clip below.


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