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December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018: Open Thread For Christmas Eve & Day 


By All News PipeLine


We're starting this thread on the morning of Christmas eve because we know many are very busy preparing for their own Christmas and we wanted PipeLiners to have a thread where they can offer each other best wishes and a Merry Christmas.

We would ask people to please stop by the Prayer Request page, we have had members of this loving online community suffer losses, others in need of prayer after health scares and surgeries, with still others asking for prayers for family and friends, so please throw out a prayer for those in need.

Feel free to share your favorite songs, poems, Christmas wishes and stories.

Below is O Holy Night  by Josh Groban, set to scenes from The Nativity Story.

For those that just want to listen to Christmas music from throughout the years, as they go about their preparations, the three hour playlist below has plenty of our old favorites.

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