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February 24, 2015

Barack Obama Clinically Insane Claims Former Friend: 'Looney Tunes' And '100% Full Of Bull'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Is ancient history now repeating itself? Back in 54 AD, 17-year-old 'insane' Nero took over as Roman emperor and proceeded to have his mother killed, Christians persecuted and 'fiddled' while the Roman empire burned to the ground. Nearly 2000 years later, Barack Obama, previously known as Barry Soetoro, has taken over the reigns of this once great nation and, while neglecting his duties to 'her' for one more round of golf, has presided over the nearly complete destruction of America as our Republic turns to ashes.

Former Barack Obama friend from Hawaii, Mia Marie Pope, joins the Hagmann and Hagmann Report in the brand new video below at the 48 minute mark in a show the Hagmann's warn we better hold on to our seat for, because we are in for quite a ride. Calling our sitting president 'clinically insane', was Obama selected for the role he now fills precisely due to what we learn about him in this new video?

Mia Marie Pope is a dedicated Christian who loves America and fully vetted by the Hagmann's and she tells us she is deeply concerned about the 'character' now sitting in the White House, hands close to 'the buttons'. Mia knew Barack Obama when he was named Barry Soetoro and immediately informs us Obama is inflicted with a psychiatric disorder and is in fact 'criminally insane'. She goes on to tell us that EVERYBODY in 1970's Hawaii knew that 'Barry' was gay and a heavy cocaine abuser

We are told that, as a former friend of Obama's, people could tell he was 'looney tunes' and '100% full of bull' and had no empathy towards others whatsoever. She also informs us that she knows she will be attacked for sharing the information she shares in this video then tells attackers 'bring it'. 

This is an outstanding interview by the Hagmann's and Mia doesn't hold back on the foreigner and imposter and former friend now sitting in the White House; hold on for the ride!



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