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November 6, 2018

Election Day Chaos Has Already Begun: Midterm Tuesday 2018 Coverage - Open Thread With All Day Updates And Live Streams


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

[UPDATE] Washington Examiner Results map found here - options to see the Senate, House and Governors' results.

Election day has arrived and ANP will have live streams embedded as the results start coming and and become available.

The general consensus, which I tend to lean toward given the political atmosphere is that the Democrats have a very good chance, and are likely to take control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans are just as likely to keep control of the Senate.

The only reason I tend to lean toward that being the result is because historically, a first term President's party loses House seats, with the only exception since the 1940s being George Bush after 9/11, so history is on the side of Democrats in 2018.


With that said, given the results of the 2016 Presidential election, there is no guarantee that the pollsters have once again missed a large portion of the voting populace which could turn everything on its ear, so nothing is set in stone.

34 states require some type of voting ID, readers can those laws at the National Conference of State Legislatures' Voter ID Requirements Page.

Anyone unsure where their polling station in your state is, Voter.Org provides a search by plugging in your address


Should the general consensus be correct and the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, which they need to flip 23 seats to do, the stakes are high. If the Democrats take the House then liberals would have subpoena power and investigative powers, which many have already indicated the liberals plan to use against President Trump and to stop his agenda from moving forward.


Shortly after the polling stations across the U.S. close, results should start coming out and we should get a general idea if the "blue wave" Democrats have been touting materialized, or whether the "red wall," blocked them. 

Election Day Chaos: Some election day chaos is being reported in multiple states, as Twitchy is catching some first hand eyewitness accounts, which include electronic voting machines not working correctly in Atlanta; A power outage at a polling station in Knowxville, TN, as the backup generator also failed; Broken machines and overcrowding in Brooklyn, NY; Jammed ballots where a voting machine apparently ate the ballot (location  not noted); In CA, a machine ripped a couple ballots from another voter; A Glitch in Ohio had some voters complaining about "system malfunctions,; Other small issues in SC, NC, IN, TX, MI, and MO.

TX: Long lines and machines down at multiple polling places across Houston

Poll worker directs racist language at a north Houston voter

AZBehind the scenes at Maricopa County's Elections Department

MIVoters turned away due to missing voting machines at precinct in Detroit

GATechnical issues create long lines at Gwinnett precincts

East CoastSoggy ballots cause voting malfunctions along the East Coast

NationwideVoters face malfunctioning machines and long lines at polls across country on Election Day

Updates will be added throughout the day and evening.


Readers are encouraged to share any election related news in the comment section below.

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