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February 18, 2016

Why Was A Completely 'Blacked Out' Military Chopper Sitting In The Median Strip On A Texas Highway After 3:30 A.M.? AliPac Head Warns: A Form Of Martial Law Happening Now! 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The two latest SQAlert's from February 18th continue a pattern that we have been made aware of by our readers who have been emailing pictures, videos and story leads to [email protected]. While the 1st alert warns us of a completely blacked-out military helicopter sitting in the median strip of a highway in Texas sometime after 3:30 a.m. in the morning, the 2nd alert tells us why that chopper may have been there.

We have also been receiving many reports from ANP readers of people seeing military helicopters flying over their houses, neighborhoods, towns and cities recently and have included several of those photographs in this story. The photo at the top and the one directly below are from the Orlando, Florida area from an ANP reader and show a Chinook flying at about 400'. Why so many military choppers over America recently? While we are unable to confirm that these choppers are tied to the 1st video below, in the video the head of AliPac warns us that a form of martial law is happening in America now.  


As most have asked, why is a military chopper sitting along I-10 after 3:30 a.m. under the cover of darkness? The full alert is republished below but one Steve Quayle reader had a great possible answer; President Dwight Eisenhower created the interstate system, based largely upon what he witnessed in Germany during World War II and Hitler's 'autobahn'.

Hitler used his 'autobahn' as a way for the military to be able to quickly get from one location to another and for the military to have emergency landing strips if necessary as seen in the very interesting 3rd video below. We know that our military has great interest in our highway system. Is that what the trucker witnessed in Texas, an emergency landing, or something else entirely? We learn that the US military was heavily involved in the building of our highway system.:

Special military vehicles and highway construction equipment were also included in the test.

Over the 25-month period, Transportation Corps trucks and crews drove 25-35 mph over 17 million miles on the six test loops.

The importance of the Interstate for military transport was critical.  The Department of Defense closely monitored all phases of the testing. 

During World War I, roads throughout the country were nearly destroyed by the weight of military trucks.

During World War II, 13% of the defense plants received all their supplies by truck, and almost all other plants shipped more than half of their products by vehicle.  Also discovered was a bewildering array of standards - some states allowed trucks up to 36,000 pounds, while others restricted anything over 7,000 pounds.


Whether or not this chopper landed for emergency reasons or not, we can confirm an uptick in military chopper traffic across the country and while some may call this 'normal military movement', there is nothing at all 'normal' about what is happening to the US and global economies nor is there anything 'normal' about what is now unfolding in Syria. With an uptick in military air traffic across America, are we witnessing preparation for war upon US soil? ISIS? Economic collapse and martial law? 

In the videos below we take a look at several different reasons for the continued preparation across America including the 1st video below featuring the head of AliPac, William Gheen, who talks about the current state of America and tells us that a 'form of martial law' is happening in America right now. In the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, he takes a look at an Obama decision to CUT counter-terror spending by nearly $300 million dollars, this at a time when ISIS is threatening to attack the US and Obama continues to allow practically anybody into the country who wants to come here. Why would this now be happening? The following comments on Franchi's video give us the likely answers.:

The public will be begging for a police state when he's done, this is a well thought out plan.

Even things like Scalia's death they leak little bits of info to make people think maybe there was foul play, that keeps people against the elites plan scared and in check, they didn't have to say anything about the pillow and nobody would have questioned, its all by design.

Well, Obama wants to invite thousands of radical Muslims, cut down free speech that would prevent public anti-Muslim opinion, and lower the anti-terrorist measures. I think I see where he is going with this.

+Rick Hunt even is your statement is true it is no mystery that the people are being taxed to death & rules & regulation galore are oppressing the citizens while illegals allowed in by the federal gov. For many reasons to enslave us all! The bigger picture is beyond scalia & now all nobama's legislation can go through it will crush the freedoms of us all here in America!!! Nobama is a megalomaniac he makes Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher at some corrupt church!!!!


Why would a completely blacked out military chopper be sitting on a highway with all light off after 3:30 a.m? The photograph above shows us a Hercules C-130 landing on the autobahn in Germany during previous military drills there. Certainly the 2nd alert below offers us a quite logical explanation; maybe someone had an emergency and had to set his bird down. Then again, there might be something else all together and as we also learn in the 2nd SQAlert below, road widening is going on 'en masse' in Connecticut. Is this in preparation for something massive on US soil? 

MILITARY HELICOPTER PARKED ON HIGHWAY CENTER MEDIAN-TEXAS-"Did i just makeout a helicopter in the gap of the median???? All blacked out with all its lights off? WTH was it doing here"?

Steve today i saw one of the most perplexing and ominous things i have ever seen on my way to work this morning. I live in Houston. I frequently drive to San Antonio weekly. I leave the warehouse anywhere between 3:30am and 3:45am, hitting i-10 west en route to San Antonio. As i got about 80 miles west of Houston and about 30 miles east of Bastrop, a thick, dark and ominous fog fell BELOW tree level on the landscape, making for virtually ZERO degree visibility. I decreased speed of my 18 wheeler from 65mph to a rolling speed of between 45 & 47mph. I kept my head on a constant 360 degree swivel for safety precautions to avoid any unforseen stopped vehicles i could possibly collide with. As i alertly scoured the ominously dark landscape (that of which was visible) my eyes were strangely fixed on the center median which seperated eastbound from westbound traffic. Here i could vaguely makeout the distinct outline of trees which line the scape of the median..all succeeding one another in a straight line. It was at that moment something caught my attention PROFOUNDLY. Did i just makeout a helicopter in the gap of the median???? All blacked out with all its lights off? WTH was it doing here?? It wasn't a medi-vac. What was it for?? I instantly became overwhelmed with fear and thus began to pray for the Lord to issue a hedge of protection around me and all other travelers on the highway. I was curious to know if you've heard of any reports such as I've NEVER seen a bird parked on a highway COMPLETELY blacked out and under the cover of complete darkness and dense fog. I'm concerned about what may be up their sleeve now. They could get away with ANYTHING under the cover of darkness and no one would ever know what happened. Thanks for reading. Always praying for yours and your family and friends' safety. D.J.

Remember, Eisenhower created the interstate system as a way for the military to be able to quickly get to place to place and for the military to have emergency landing strips...

Mr Quayle, about your note in the black jack on the highway median, here in CT, over the course of the last 6-9 months almost every flat,
smooth "median terrain" with an area large and streight enough area of EVERY interstate has been removed of trees and and re-landscaped to be as free of brush and other debri as possible, even at the places on the interstate with little travel.

As real estate title searcher in CT I have to drive from town to town through out CT everyday for work, there has never been as much road work, lane widening and median clearing as there has been the past 6-9 months...always at long stretches of streight, flat interstate.

Remember, Eisenhower created the interstate system as a way for the military to be able to quickly get to place to place and for the military to have emergency landing strips... this is the only explanation that makes sense... Matt in CT

In the next video below, we learn that our interstate highway system was partially based upon the German auto-bahn, built to accomodate German tanks and planes. This short video gives us a scary look at what may happen to US highways should all hell break loose in America. 

The next video offers us a little bit of nostalgia as we learn all about the interstate highway system in this film put out back in the 1950's. Keep in mind, this film was produced by Dow Chemicals along with the US Bureau of Roads and the Automotive Safety Foundation to help gather support for the 1956 Federal Aid-Highway Act, the law that enabled the Interstate Highway system of America. Also keep in mind our highways were based upon those built in Nazi Germany during Hitler's reign.  

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