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March 24, 2015

Plans For Conditioning Americans To Accept Military Takeover Of America In Full Swing As MSM And US Army Launch Massive Psy-Op Against The American People - 'Expect To See A Lot More Of Us'

(UPDATE! Have The Illuminati/Nazi's Signaled Their Intentions To Their Followers Via The Symbol Selected For The Jade Helm 15 Logo?)


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Must see update begins at paragraph 2! With Americans now being completely conditioned to see the US military active in our cities, towns, schools/sports fields and backyards (and now hiking trails!), Alex Jones shares with us what Stephen Quayle calls "the most important message you can hear - it's your life" in the 1st video below in which Jones sends a message directly to SOCOM, NORTHCOM and the "foreign forces that have seized control of the District of Columbia and are now dismantling our Constitutional Republic" and all of our God-given rights along with it.

 UPDATE BEGINS: A recent email from a University History Professor to Steve Quayle tells us why the Jade Helm 15 symbol of a dagger and arrows through a SHOE may have been selected. Have the 'illuminati/Nazi's' signaled their intentions to their followers via the Jade Helm 15 logo selection?

Hello Mr Quayle.

I am a college history professor, and I just wanted to raise a possibility pertaining to the Jade Helm 15 document, in particular the Jade Helm logo. 

The use of the shoe in the Jade Helm 15 logo, may be a reference to the symbol used by the the Bundschuh Movement, which refers to groups of peasants who revolted in Southwestern Germany in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Their main complaints were lack of freedom, high taxes, perceived government corruption, and an oppressive justice system. (Sound familiar?) They adopted a shoe as their emblem, often carrying a banner depicted a shoe, symbolizing the advancement of the lower class. The Movement was part of a much great popular revolt and uprising which in turn led to the German Peasant War. The Bundschuh Movement (and the rebellion as a whole) was violently put down by a combination of State military forces, and Private Military Contractors. This could be an indication of what type of scenario Jade Helm 15 is designed to rehearse.

This may be nothing, but I thought I would bring it up.

Keep up the good work
Army-Special-Op-Jade-Helm.jpg  fahne.jpgH562cSW.jpg

With SOCOM now hitting back hard against 'conspiracy theorists' about their upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercises with new articles in and Stars and Stripes, Alex takes the fight to the American people, telling us that we can either turn this around and restore our Constitutional Republic or allow our nation to complete its' rapid descent into a 3rd world nation, a descent that requires the use of the US military as a 'police state' tool.

Alex makes it clear that exposing conditioning operations such as Jade Helm 15 IS NOT an attack upon the US military but an attack upon the policies of using the military as a 'police state tool', a policy that has been ongoing covertly throughout the world for decades but now being turned within.

While government trolls and the unaware will call this 'fear porn' and 'conspiracy', Alex breaks down numerous articles from such publications as, the Daily Caller, the Washington Times, the Rand Corporation, ESPN, The New York Times, Fox News, WND and others that prove that what we are now watching unfold in America is only beginning a culmination of ongoing events that have been happening here for years as an ongoing psy-op against the American people that the elitists' pulling the strings hope will end in their dream of global dictatorship enforced by the military and Orwellian 'fun camps' for those who refuse to be dictated to.

In the 2nd video we hear from a '11 Bravo' who tells us that special forces operations are now taking place along the Appalachian Trail in the South Carolina - Georgia area near 'Cooper Creek', just the latest military drills we've been hearing about that should tell us that once the economic collapse-switch is pulled and the order given for all-out gun confiscation, the military will be going into the mountains and back country to hunt down survivalists and those escaping the 'death trap cities' for nature. The warning given by the military men on the scene should send shivers down Americans spines.:

"Don't be surprised to encounter Army Rangers in the Cooper Creek area. I have long been accustomed to seeing soldiers and signs of their activity in the vicinity of Camp Merrill, the Ranger training base in the Etowah watershed, and as far away as Hickory Flat in the Noontootla watershed. They even use the Appalachian Trail. But until this year, to my knowledge, they have never operated as far away from the camp as Cooper Creek.

We learned they would be conducting a three-day training exercise, but the bulk of the troops would not be arriving until later. They also told us that these exercises would be happening on a regular basis, and “you can expect to be seeing a lot more of us.”

About an hour later, I heard two helicopters approaching and could see that they were heading toward a food plot about a mile and a half away. Because of the terrain, I could not see them land, but they were out of sight only briefly before returning the way they came. The helicopters made four or five trips to the same location, and as we passed by their campfire on our way out, the soldiers verified that those were their guys coming in.

In an apparently unrelated incident (NOTE: NOT UNRELATED!), I recently happened to be at Wilscot Gap, where the gated road to Brawley Mountain (FS45) begins, when a big pickup truck turned in toward the gate. I thought it must be Forest Service employees and went over to talk with them. But the truck was not a Forest Service one. The driver was not in military uniform, but the passenger who got out to unlock the gate, was. We had a brief, friendly conversation during which he informed me that, “This is a military road.” “No,” I contradicted him, “it’s a Forest Service roa

In the 3rd video, Sgt Joe Biggs and Lee Ann McAdoo break down Jade Helm 15 in great detail for those who missed it, telling us about the drills in Texas and southwest America (with 2 more states recently added) while asking us if 'our state' is next on the list.


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