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January 19, 2016

Mind Controlling Mantras And Repetitious Usage of Words Such As Crisis, Collapse, Panic And Meltdown, Have Lulled The Sheep Into A State Of Passivity, Apathy And Denial, Resulting In Their Demise


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Our ANP base readers, awake and aware of what is happening not only nationally, but globally, understand the importance of highlighting every time a  "traditional" financial expert confirms what others in the industry have been warning about, such as an economic "collapse" and stock market "meltdown," and investor "panic," just to name a few words that while important, also cause passivity, apathy and denial for "sheep" that are not prepared, that trust all the propaganda the government peddles daily.... and it will ultimately result in their demise.

As writers it is impossible to accurately report what experts are saying without directly quoting them, and while those actively preparing for the economic turmoil on the horizon use those warnings to gauge the  economic temperature, so to speak, so they are ready and prepared when disaster occurs, for the "sheep", those that believe Barack Obama when he says those warnings come from people "peddling fiction," it has the opposite effect.... it desensitizes them to truth and reality.

This point was made during The Hagmann and Hagmann Report on Monday, January 18, 2015, as Survival 401K's Ross Powell and Steve Quayle joined the panel to discuss everything from the plunge in oil prices to the war on cash to what we have been seeing in the stock market since the beginning of January, and much more, bringing all the latest news into focus by looking at it all together rather than in separate, disconnected reports that understate the scope of what the world is facing.

That show can be heard in its entirety at the end of this article and we encourage everyone to listen, it could be one of the most important shows you ever listen to.


While estimates range from 3 million to 5 million active preppers and survivalists in the U.S. alone, with some believing there is actually more, it is still just a drop in the bucket compared to the nearly 323 million people that the census lists as living in America, and it is that 300 million-plus "sheep" that have been lulled into a state of passivity, apathy and denial which will ultimately lead to their demise.

In speaking of the desensitization of the masses, Quayle highlighted an excellent article titled "Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control - The Evolution of Project MKULTRA, which covers a brief history of mind control, the evolution of MKULTRA, including the different projects that followed by various governments to "mind control" the masses, triggers, levels of programming, all of which can be applied to what we see happening today and accounts for the disconnect we see between those that understand the importance of experts warning us what is on the horizon and those who have completely disassociated themselves from the reality of what is coming.

To this day there are people completely unaware of Project MKULTRA which began in 1950, was officially sanctioned in 1953 and supposedly halted in 1973, before which it spawned many other behavioral and mind control programs.


The scope of Project MKUltra was broad, with research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies. The CIA operated through these institutions using front organizations, although sometimes top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA's involvement. As the US Supreme Court later noted, MKULTRA was: "concerned with "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior." The program consisted of some 149 subprojects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. At least 80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. Because the Agency funded MKUltra indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency." (Wiki)

SEE - 1977 United States Senate report on MKUltra - 178 page PDF

After seeing the actual declassified documents the deniers aka the sheep will immediately claim "but the projected ended," without once acknowledging the examples of the U.S. government and other goverments across the globe using the very methods and results from those mind control experiments and other associated projects, to control the behavior and influence the thinking of the general public... all happening right now.

For example, governments are paying "trolls" to use "psychology-based influence techniques" on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in order to control the masses.

In psychology, desensitization is defined as the diminished emotional responsiveness to a negative or aversive stimulus after repeated exposure to it.

With every new expert that speaks of an impending "meltdown," and every new report showing banks, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) talking about economic "crisis,"  and every new  economist warning of a "crash" coming,  we see the unawakened and unaware become more and more desensitized to those phrases and mantras.

The proof of that assertion can be seen all around us, at what those closest to us are talking about at a time when the stock market has taken a 1,500+ point hit and trillions of dollars have been wiped out, Christians are being slaughtered worldwide, oil prices have plunged, banks are preparing for oil loans to implode, a rising defecit, .... yet sports, celebrities and the Oscars are dominating the trending searches.


Make no mistake, this is all by design.... not by those that report on current events, nor experts sounding the alarm on what is coming at us, but by government entities that are manipulating world events in order to create a "crisis," as to generate these keyword spikes, over and over again until people have been desensitized to what is happening around them.

One great example comes from the stock market, where markets have suffered the worst start in 2016, since the Great Depression, after suffering severe losses at the end of 2015, just to see a bounce as the FED and the "Plunge Protction Team" manipulated the market before WHAM, the downward spiral happens again.

They are controlling it, they are creating the crisis, the panic, and headlines, in order to generate passivity and apathy among the masses..... and it is working.


Those offering warnings must continue to do so as we see more people waking up every day, and helping those that are prepared accurately gauge when to "get out of dodge" as one of our readers put it, but for those still living in denial, refrain from using keywords to warn them, produce the documents, the originating sources versus just "telling" them what is coming, highlight the experts themselves and let them see the language that is being used, because sometimes seeing is believing.... and time is running out.... for them and for you.

Those completely unprepared will be in for a world of hurt, but those who know what is on the horizon need to understand the "sheep"  will also become very dangerous to the those that are prepared because when people cannot feed their families they become desperate and when they are starving they become unstable and they will come after what you have.

Below is the Hagmann and Hagmann Report from January 18, 2016 with  Economist Ross Powell & Steve Quayle as the guests- Topics via the YouTube description are listed below the video. 

Via Hagmann and Hagmann

The downward spiral of oil prices is impacting employment and loan performance at many banks; It is creating some major losses for banks and the Fed is stepping in to waive some regulations; This is a Bear Sterns moment like 2008; Unemployment numbers are rigged the real number is closer to 10%.

The Sino-American economic war of attrition continues; Chinas GDP is shrinking which is impacting the entire world economy; Information that China is building hundreds of empty 30 story high rises all over the country (eye witness); China and Russia have effectively cut out the Dollar for many trades and are expanding it;  The missing gold from Dubai actually was simply moved / transferred using Yuan instead of Dollars and avoided the SWIFT system.

Stock Market is very volatile and will continue that way all year with a 20-30% bear market;  Look for lots of down 300 points with occasional plus 200 days but still net down;  Most stocks are way overvalued and most vulture capital firms are requiring a leaner approach and profitability from startups; Even main street talking heads are now saying what we have been saying for over 6 months.

War on cash; This will heat up in 2016 because of negative interest rates being implemented;  Look out for deflation due to oil and other commodities collapse;  Food will continue to become more expensiveo Stricter capital controls will be created and more paperwork to get cash.

 Culture war against Christians will heat upo Political correctness will become obnoxious; Look for court cases against churches for not performing Same Sex weddings or other functions

Beginning in 2017 you will see Obama as UN Secretary and then we are truly entering the tribulation period. 


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