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September 3, 2016

Miracles & Mountain Moving Faith In Tough Times


Submitted to All News PipeLine by Tony K from A Minute To Midnight

One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the fabric of society; the economic structure, the political landscape and the codes of ethics is deteriorating around us in so many ways. With all the warnings of economic crisis, increasing earthquakes, potential riots around the US elections, and talk of a potential World War III, it can be quite disconcerting at times just trying to live with a semblance of normality on a day to day basis.

It can be easy for people to become fearful in the face of all the warnings that we are barraged with. Especially for those who simply do not have the financial means to afford the elaborate survival preparations that are being espoused as essential by many in the alternative media and prepping community. Now, that is not to say I am in any way trying to discourage people from prepping. Quite on the contrary, I believe that this is a very important time to be preparing to the best of our abilities. There are some very good dealers in the areas of precious metals, survival foods and other supplies who go out of their way to help people prepare to whatever level their means allow.

Once we have done all the preparations that we can, there is still no guarantee that we will survive what lies ahead. Can we stop the government for confiscating our supplies? Will we have enough weapons to fight of a gang of well-armed and hungry marauders? How much food is enough? How much money is enough? Who really knows! Well, actually there is someone who does know.......

God is able to protect those who are his. Whether they are rich or poor, well prepared physically, or less well prepared, the Lord knows who are his own! We gain nothing by living in the fear of what lies in the future. There is no good fruit to be found in those dwelling in fear. Let us prepare as well as we are able, and then let faith take over from there. Faith that we serve a God who can provide bountifully even in times of famine. Let us not live as those who are afraid. Instead, let us live in faith, and by faith. By all means prepare physically as The Lord leads, and then trust him for the increase. We must be encouraged ourselves, and be encouragers of others if we are to survive, excel and prosper in the difficult days that lay ahead!

We can do well to feed our souls by listening to encouraging and faith-building messages. One such message that I believe should encourage many is the amazing testimony of Brook Ardoin that she shares in the following video.


Brook Ardoin - Amazing Testimony - God's Miracles & Mountain Moving Faith

Episode 065. This is an astounding testimony to God's miracle working power and faithfulness. The story a mother's courage and tenacity to stand in faith and defy the odds in an impossible situation. When her daughter was diagnosed with severe autism, Brook went into spiritual battle and believed God for a miracle healing for her child from this "incurable condition". What followed was an absolutely incredible series of miracles of amazing supernatural financial provision, and a complete and verifiable healing miracle. This story is hugely inspiring, moving and is potentially life-changing for anyone who dares to follow a similar path, by standing in faith. Brook shares with Tony some of the keys that she found, that unlocked the miracle working power of God. This is one of the most powerful A Minute To Midnite shows that we have done.

I believe every person that hears this message will be challenged to the core. This should cause us all to re-evaluate our own values and walks of faith. Our God is a God that delights in people who will trust Him, take Him literally at His word and believe for the impossible! Whatever miracle you need in your life, this inspiring story shows that all things are possible for those who dare to believe!

Though the main thrust of the interview surrounds the miracle of healing of an incurable ailment, Brook also faced huge obstacles in the financial realm, through which she trusted God and saw astonishing miracles of provision.

During the course of the interview Brook challenges those who say that they don't have any money to prepare for the coming economic collapse and hardships to just do something. Begin somewhere to gather something to store, and something to give. Even if it's only small. Start with what you can. Remember the story of the loaves and the fish and how Jesus multiplied what seemed so little, and yet it fed thousands? But it only happened because the loaves and fishes were presented to Jesus to multiply. Someone had the foresight to prepare, and had the generosity to give them to Jesus who then multiplied them. This principle can be applied to our prepping today in the face of the soon coming adversity. You may only have a little of silver or gold. A little food or a little money saved. But Jesus can do with that the same as he did with the fishes and the bread. That is, multiply it supernaturally.

I encourage everyone to listen to Brook's testimony. It is both as amazing as it is up-lifting. Listen and be encouraged!

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