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July 22, 2018

'Enjoy Your New Rules' - Liberals Bitterly Whining That Online 'Mob' Exposed Disgusting Pedophilia Tweets By Disney Director


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In an interesting turn of events, it appears that online members of the right have decided to give members of the left a taste of their own medicine, which has liberals† twisting themselves into pretzels to denounce the online mob mentality, while justifying it when the "mob" is created by the left to target conservatives.


Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has been fired by Disney after a number of social media posts from years ago were exposed by writer, videographer and right-wing social media personality Mike Cernovich, where Gunn made a number of "jokes" about pedophilia, children in sexual situations, rape, and saying things like†he liked it "when little boys touch me in my silly place."

Via Deadline:

We found these tweets below in a report by Fox News, and perhaps it is not a coincidence that it came from that outlet. Fox News got its ammo from The Daily Caller, One America News Network correspondent Jack Posobiec and right wing commentator Mike Cernovich, and apparently these conservative outlets pounced on old social media after Gunn mocked conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, as he defended liberal actor Mark Duplass after he came under fire and apologized for encouraging his followers to give Shapiro a chance, in the name of hearing views from the other side of the aisle. That is nothing compared to some of the tweets unearthed by Cernovich, which included suggestions that readers email Disney, to complete the takedown.

This is the second time this week we have seen conservatives apply the tactics of the left, being applied against liberals, just to have other liberals† decry the use of such tactics.

Earlier in the week ANP reported on a group known as Sleeping Giants that have spent the better part of two years creating online mobs of liberals, to harass advertisers of conservative sites like Breitbart, Fox and others, on a harassment campaign to force those advertisers to terminate their relationship with those conservative sites. The founder of Sleeping Giants, Matt Rivitz, had remained anonymous all that time, despite generating much media coverage, until last week when his name was exposed.

Immediately after his name was exposed, Sleeping Giants took to social media to decry the "harassment" of exposing him, without even seeming to notice the irony of accusing others of harassment when their own organization was built on the premise of harassing those they disagreed with, in the form of attempting to bankrupt them.

So now, Gunn's prior posting history was exposed, Cernovich campaigned to have readers notify Disney, who immediately fired him, and liberals, many of which were more than happy to campaign against Roseanne Barr after she tweeted an inflammatory statement about Valerie Jarrett, and get her fired from her own show on ABC, are now lamenting about "right-wing mobs" going after Gunn.

We will use the Daily Beast, a far left, liberal website, who discusses the firing of Gunn after his older twisted tweets were exposed, calling it a "Disastrous win for right-wing mobs" in their headline.†

The writer declares that this proves "corporations still donít know how to react to bad-faith social media campaigns from the right." He goes on to assert "Gunnís firing proves that businesses still havenít figured out how to tell when theyíre facing a genuine controversy ó and when theyíre just getting played by right-wing activists."

So the Daily Beast, as per their own quote, doesn't think a Disney Director who has a history of dozens, if not hundreds of tweets, referencing pedophilia and sexual acts with children is a "genuine controversy," and because the person that exposed those tweets was someone they labeled alt-right, it is a "bad-faith social campaign" to expose him.

Now let's look at how they treated the Roseanne Barr controversy, after Roseanne tweeted about Valerie Jarrett, saying "muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj,"† which many, including the Daily Beast, claimed was a racist statement, despite the fact that Roseanne maintained she did not know Jarrett was black, and once she was informed she issued an immediate apology, which was not accepted by the liberal social media mob, who battered ABC until they fired her.

In one piece the DB declared Roseanne's comments were "repugnant." In another piece titled "Sorry, Megyn Kelly: Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr Do Not Warrant the Same Punishment," the DB called Roseanne's firing, over a social media post, "more-than-justified."†

Rather than going through the long list, suffice it to say the Daily Beast was a prominent member of the liberal online mob mentality, where a search for "Daily Beast Roseanne Barr fired," brings up on the first page alone, ten different articles discussing her firing in an approving manner, dated between May 29 and June 13, 2018.

That is representative of the reactions being seen across social media today as word spreads of Gunn's firing.

It appears that the "jokes" shown below by Gunn, (WARNING-OFFENSIVE)........ in the mind of liberals, does not justify a online "mob" demanding his termination from Disney, nor does it justify the firing itself.

(Click image to enlarge, will open in a new tab)

But a statement like the one shown below, from Roseanne, which was apologized for the same day after learning Jarrett was black, does justify and online "mob" effort to get her fired as well as her firing.


From the whole #MeToo movement where all it took was an online accusation, then a liberal mob to make it viral, to get someone tried and convicted, ending careers, in the court of social media opinion, to the hiring and immediate firing of a socially conservative writer for The Atlantic, because the online mob didn't like him. W have seen the liberal use this "mob mentality" and coordinated attack tactics time and time again.

Yet when a conservative turns the tables on liberals and uses that same tactic against them, they complain bitterly.

The absolute perfect response to the perpetually outraged who seem to think only they get to be outraged, or use these tactics, comes from conservative TownHall writer Kurt Schlichter, to liberal writer Patrick Klepek.

Klepek bemoaned†what happened to Gunn by stating:
"1) James Gunn said awful, disgusting things.

2) We need to give people space to grow, and learn from their past.

3) Mike Cernovich and the alt-right have weaponized the left's morality. He is not operating in good faith, and is a toxic opportunist. Do your f**king homework.

Schlichter responds: "Enjoy your New Rules. When you want to go back to the Old Rules, let me know. I'd like that. Until then, hey, consequences, player."

Streiff over at RedState agrees in an article titled "Donít Shed Tears For James Gunn, He And His Fellow Travelers On The Left Brought This On Themselves," where he concludes with the following:

Iím completely with Schlicter on this. Hunting through peopleís writings and social media comments is not something we invented. It isnít conservatives who demand people be fired for WrongThink. It isnít conservatives who SWAT people. It isnít conservatives who harass kids of political targets or assault them in restaurants. But those are the new rules. And Iíll be damned if Iím going to go along with unilateral disarmament and unconditional surrender.



For years I have seen political class Republicans, many known as part of the NeverTrump crowd, claim the "high road," refusing to "lower themselves" to fight back effectively against liberals, and in some cases, I can see the point.

For example when in an online debate, once liberals devolve into name calling, attacks, cursing, I will disengage because nothing of substance can be discussed. On the flip side of that coin, if someone punches you, and keeps punching, do you stand there and take it, or do you hit back?

Conservatives have now started hitting back and liberals are bitterly whining about it.


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