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November 12, 2015

The Most Powerful Viral 19-Minute Video On The Internet Proves We're Approaching 'The End'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

For those who think that the 'refugee crisis' is anything less than the complete and total overthrow of Europe, we suggest that you watch the video below, newly released by Death of Nations. Truly one of the most powerful and eloquently done videos we've ever seen on this ongoing crisis, you can quickly see why it has gone viral, viewed more than 630,000 times in only 3 days, and we quickly see why the continent we once knew as Europe is now dead. The videographer asks that everyone watching this download it themselves and mirror it on YouTube as it will likely be censored and taken down.

According to this new story on Breitbart, 58% of Muslims in America reject the 1st Amendment Right  of Americans to criticize Islam. Of those, 46% want that 'blasphemy' punished while another 12% want those 'blasphemers' killed. With Europe now being literally overrun by Muslims who already believe that their law, Sharia law, is superior to the laws of the nations they are 'invading', we quickly see in this video why civil war may soon be coming to the EU and why America as we once knew it is in our very last days.

Showing us a compilation of news reports and videos from both mainstream and alternative sources, we see why French writer Renaud Camus calls this crisis 'the great replacement' and why he calls it the biggest thing to happen to France since the 15th century and why homosexuals in America may soon lose their heads.


We also learned this morning from Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs that a new ISIS manual proves that ISIS has the US in its crosshairs while telling us that the FBI has at least 900 ongoing ISIS-related investigations happening right now. Meanwhile we learn that Obama's new welcome guide for immigrants is written in 14 different languages while learning from the US Herald that Obama's pulled 2.6 billion dollars from US Veterans benefits while earmarking 4.5 billion dollars for Syrian refugees moving to the US. How much of that money will fall into the hands of ISIS terrorists here yearning to chop off American heads?

While the uneducated on the left might call us racist or intolerant for running this video, do they even know that should Muslims get their way and we have Sharia law in America, it will quickly spell the end of the gay agenda as homosexuals in America will get their heads lopped off or thrown off buildings just for being gay? This video helps to prove they cannot have it both ways - Sharia law spells the end to the US Constitution and all of our God-given rights our Bill of Rights protect.


Proving to us that anyone who speaks out against this barbaric Islamic invasion are branded as racists and Nazis, we quickly see that the Muslim invaders are the ones who hold 'Nazi' policies, striking out at anyone who disagrees with them and killing countless innocent Christians and children in the name of Allah

This video is mind-boggling and former French president Nicolas Sarkozy tells us why this is all happening now and why we have no choice, if the people do not like what's happening, it will be forced upon them, and we see here that it is.:

"What is the goal? The goal is to meet the EU challenge of interracial marriage. It's not a choice. It's an obligation. If voluntarism does not work for the Republic, then the state will move in with more coercive measures."


Will what's happening to Europe happen to America? This video proves that beyond a doubt, freedom, liberty and America are quickly running out of time. Think that womens rights matter? Think that homosexual lives matter? Think that black lives matter? Think that anything but Islam matters to these people? You better reevaluate your opinion. Just ask Europe.

If you want to help put an end to the Islamic invasion of America before Sharia puts an end to America, please share this story and video far and wide - it is clear to us that we are almost out of time. Please contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators about this massive crisis here.



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