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November 2, 2015

NASA ISS Cuts Public Feed After Locking On To 'Glowing UFO' - What Are They Hiding?

(The "orb UFO" allegedly monitored by ISS crew)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Last Thursday NASA's live Camera from the International Space Station (ISS) was mysteriously cut off showing a "blue screen" after apparently spotting an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), readjusting their camera and locking on to the "glowing UFO ,"  with an odd orb-like appearance.

The live feed was recorded by Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, who describes the event in the following manner:

"I was watching the space station live cam when I noticed the camera switch to a new camera. 

"Then the camera began to swing to the left until it focused on a white oval between it and Earth. 

"The object had matched its speed with the space station. The camera then continued to zoom closer and closer, but all we could see was a glowing white oval. 

"The vibrate light from the UFO was so powerful that even NASA's new seven million dollar HD cameras could not focus on it."


(The "UFO" seen with a halo of light and cross through it)

The object is clearly there and can be seen up until the 2:38 minute mark in the video below which is when the blue screen is shown, leading Mr. Waring to title his video with "NASA Space Station Panics." Waring also poses some interesting questions, "Why did NASA turn their camera towards this? Why did NASA want to take a look at this? What is so extraordinary about it that they wanted to look at it?"

I would add a couple questions to those such as "What did they see which made them cut the public feed off, and what is NASA hiding?"

According to the Express UK, they have contacted NASA  regarding this issue and are awaiting a response.

Mr. Waring uploaded his recording of the event to YouTube, which will be seen below along with his commentary.

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