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August 24, 2014

NC Shopping Mall Suicide Bomber Threat

By Susan Duclos

We have discussed the threatening tweets showing images of ISIS supporters and/or operatives in Washington DC outside of the White House and in Chicago, IL outside of the  the Old Republic Building at 307 N. Michigan Ave , and now it is being reported that another ISIS supporter is threatening to "suicide bomb" the largest shopping mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to the tweets reported and shown by IJReview,  Twitter user @DrA12325665, first issued threats to John Osborne, who was documenting pro-ISIS propaganda accounts, appearing to refer to another photojournalist being held captive by the name of Steven Sotloff, stating "@JPaulOsborne John, there is another guy called Steven. Please help him and tell Obama to take back his troops. Or Steve will get killed."

In a series of back and forth tweets, which Osborne reported to authorities, @DrA12325665 asked "Do you know South Park mall the largest mall in Charlotte?, then claimed to be IN Charlotte, expressing his desire to die while bombing the mall, tweeting "The best and the fast way is vehicle bomber."



It is undetermined as to whether this Twitter user is actually in Charlotte or North Carolina as he provided no photos that have been reported as the ones shown outside the White House or the Old Republic building, but the threat against a "shopping mall," is one we were warned of months ago by Dr. Jim Garrow, one obviously taken seriously by authorities since they have already simulated drills dubbed "INDYMALLEX" to train for attacks again shopping malls across America.

The bottom line is ISIS is here, in America already, they have supporters in multiple states that we know of and probably others we haven't been made aware of and they are expressing the desire and willingness to die in order to kill Americans on US soil.

A reminder of the Washington DC threats in the video below.


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