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September 17, 2019

The Stage Is Being Set For Total Anarchy & The Biggest Meltdown Yet As NY Times 'Kavanaugh Bombshell Fake News Dud' Hints Democrat's Worst Nightmares May Be About To Come True 

- Most Miss The Obvious Reason The MSM Pushed This Fake News


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

If people thought the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court was made into a circus show, the liberal establishment media is already setting the stage to pave the way for a complete cluster-fark of yet a third Supreme Court Trump nominee's confirmation process should Supreme court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg be forced to step down due to her most recent pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

We are talking riots. We are talking complete anarchy by radical liberals. We are talking about the possibility of things getting so out of control on the streets of DC that law enforcement will be forced to lock the city down.

Anyone that thinks that is an exaggeration, or hyperbolic statements, obviously wasn't watching the whole Kavanaugh confirmation spectacle, where paid protesters interrupted the proceedings, while thousands of liberals took to the streets of DC to protests and hundreds upon hundreds of people were arrested. After the confirmation, unhinged liberals pounded and clawed on the doors of the Supreme court.

It was madness. Watch below:

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The New York Times is once again under fire for an article that didn't have enough "juice" to be considered by their news division, and has been called nothing more than a "smear" campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

The allegation made by two New York Times employees in their new book, which the NYT allowed them to hype in their opinion section, via an excerpt of the book, claims that over thirty years ago, a Yale student, Max Stier, claims he witnessed Brett Kavanaugh at a "drunken dorm party," with his pants down as "friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student."

The media collectively jumped onto the story, all citing that allegation made by the two writers, Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, but throughout the weekend a number facts emerged which threw the NYT into damage control mode as they came under fire from all sides of the political aisle.

The information not added to the original article which went viral, neglected some key facts.

Those facts are:

• The story, which went to print, neglected to mention "the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode."

This was added and an editors note was also inserted to the online version, after the story had already gone viral and to print.

Editors’ Note: Sept. 15, 2019
An earlier version of this article, which was adapted from a forthcoming book, did not include one element of the book's account regarding an assertion by a Yale classmate that friends of Brett Kavanaugh pushed his penis into the hand of a female student at a drunken dorm party. The book reports that the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say that she does not recall the incident. That information has been added to the article.

• The allegation "comes from Clinton impeachment defense lawyer Max Stier." Mr. Stier also had found himself at odds with Kavanaugh during the Clinton impeachment proceedings as Kavanaugh worked on the Clinton investigation with Ken Starr and helped author the Starr report.

While Kavanaugh worked on independent counsel Ken Starr’s lengthy and contentious investigation into President Bill Clinton, ultimately helping author the Starr Report and its impeachment referral, Stier worked on Clinton’s impeachment defense team and helped the embattled president fight charges of perjury flowing from his false denials about an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

• Mollie Hemmingway, Senior editor of The Federalist, highlights that one of the authors of the book, and of the original NYT article, was not only a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh, but was also a long-time roommate of a woman centrally involved in the anti-Kavanaugh activism during his confirmation process.


In a follow-up tweet Hemmingway also points to the media coordination, stating "Absolutely fascinating to observe the coordinated industry-wide anti-Kavanaugh operation in effect throughout corporate media. Particularly in absence of any evidence for same. Not just New York Times."

Bingo. This was a coordinated attack against Kavanaugh, a year after his confirmation, with the initial coordinated narrative pushed even after the editor's note was added to the online version which basically debunks the entire narrative.

If the supposed "victim" doesn't remember such a thing happening, then the entire narrative implodes.

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One of the key clues showing this was deliberate, and not an accidental screw up, comes from a statement by The Daily Caller's Chuck Ross, along with a video clip of an interview with the two female authors of the book and article, where they claim they had initially inserted the information that the so-called "victim" did not recall the incident at all, but that it was removed during the editing process.

The timing of this cannot be overstated. Granted the two NYT employees are plugging a book that is to be released shortly, and times often does that for their employees, but the all-in coordination by the media and Democrat politicians, and the continued pushing of an already debunked narrative by the liberal establishment media, comes as the very liberal Supreme Court Justice, 86 year old Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, recently concluded treatment for her second bout of pancreatic cancer. 

Public appearances since she concluded treatment have shown her to be very, very frail after her latest cancer treatments, which in total is her fourth bout of cancer, two of which involved the pancreas.

While many of the stories, from both the left or the right are criticizing certain aspects of the NYT's blatant attempt to smear Kavanaugh, most are only highlighting the allegation, the facts that were neglected in the original NYT story, the editor's note which basically negates the entire allegation, and the offensive tweet used to promote the story, which was later deleted, but very few are pointing out the intent behind the smear.

One of those is Independent journalist Tracy Beanz. In recounting some points made by Harold Finch, and in a very long thread, which was unrolled and can be found on one page at ThreadReaderApp, we see some key points made, which most media, Independent and establishment, are ignoring.

First the points regarding Ginsburg:

• Loss of ability to use nationwide injunctions by activist courts force the Left to take cases all the way to the surpreme court, and mean they cannot rely on lower courts to do their will.

• She is elderly and far outside the average life span of adult females in the US and is not cancer free.

• This is DEEPLY alarming for the Left, they've lost the court and they understand its going to be 6-3 before Trump leaves office. But before that happens, they still have very real, and serious, problems in the immediate short term.

A number of upcoming Supreme court cases are then discussed, before we see the likely true reason behind the Kavanaugh smears resurfacing, again, with no confirmation, no evidence and no ability to prove or verify any of these allegations, as even the supposed victim doesn't recall the event.

• The Left expects to lose all three of these cases- And that is what this is ALL about.

• AT THE VERY HEART of the effort to slander Justice Kavanaugh and his confirmation is the INTENDED GOAL OF DE-LEGITIMIZING THE SUPREME COURT ITSELF, AND ITS RULINGS.

• This is meant to pave the way for states like CA, NY, MD, CT, Wash DC, and others to IGNORE Surpreme Court rulings and to claim they are not legitimate; This will create a constitutional crisis, but the Left has no other option.

Boom, spot on.



One has to consider the timing of the Stier allegation, back in the 1980s, when it wasn't the "norm" to have things like "men's cuddling groups," and homosexuality wasn't shoved down Americans' throats on a daily basis by the media and Hollywood, so the assertion that Kavanaugh's "friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student,"  is in no way, shape or form, a realistic assertion, which is probably why the FBI and the Senate, including Democrats, didn't take Stier's claims seriously at the time.

ANP's Stefan Stanford said it well when he heard that claim, stating, any "friend that touched mine, would be laid out on the floor, fast."

Another thing to consider is why would any editor remove a key portion of the excerpt, just to re-add it after the expected backlash hit, unless it was for the purpose of deliberately creating a false narrative, allowing it to go to print, where the online editor's note correcting it would never be seen by those that just read their newspaper, and missed by half of those that had already read the original version of the article?

The obvious answer after years of observing the establishment medias Democrat activism, was to deliberately plant the false narrative into the minds of their readers, then offer a correction barely anyone sees, to claim "see we fixed it," while still allowing their original readers to believe the lie.


This was not a "misstep" on the part of the NYT as many establishment media outlets are calling it, nor was it a mistake. This is a deliberate, coordinated effort on the part of the liberal establishment media to discredit the entire Supreme Court in the eyes of their dwindling audience.

With liberals terrified of losing Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, the media is setting the stage for a massive outcry and total anarchy if President Trump gets a third Supreme Court pick, with a two-pronged attack plan.

One: To create enough outrage with by unhinged liberals to create a spectacle on the streets of DC that will make the Kavanuagh confirmation seem like a picnic.

Two: To discredit the high court in the event that President Trump's third pick is confirmed by Congress ahead of the 2020 elections.

Tucker Carlson is one of the few television pundits that not only gets it, but explains it to his viewers, shown below.

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