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June 10, 2017

American Flag Banned At 9/11 Memorial 'Ground Zero'? Groups Harassed By NY Port Authority Security For Carrying The Stars And Stripes On Separate Days


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Two groups,on two consecutive days were harassed by New York Port Authority Security for doing nothing more than carrying the American flag to show their respect at the 9/11 Memorial in New York.

ANP friend Bob Powell published a very interesting video as way of proof of events that occurred in June 3rd and 4th, where visitors to "Ground Zero," the 9/11 Memorial were approached by Port Authority security members, and told they could not carry the American flag at the 9/11 Memorial because it was "private property" and against the Port Authority visitor rules and regulations.

In the first instance shown in the recorded interactions between the visitors and security, the group, American Freedom Keepers, were originally told they were not allow to display the American flag. When someone higher in authority showed up, they had a very civil discussion with him, where he contradicted the original assertions by the previous security people, and said as long as they weren't demonstrating or causing a disturbance, they could keep their flag.

One would think it was a simple misunderstanding, the previous security members simply misunderstood their guidelines, or because the groups mentioned being Trump supporters, simply allowed their own bias to color their interactions, until we see the second instance that happened in that two day time frame, where someone named "Michael," in uniform, refusing to give a badge number or last name, simply saying the Port Authority would know who he was as a supervisor, clearly tells the man and woman (who was filming the incident) that the Port Authority was private property and no flag was allowed at the 9/11 memorial.

In response to the harassment by the NY Port Authority against Americans carrying the Stars and Stripes, American Freedom Keepers has scheduled an event, a call to action, for July 4, 2017, with the following description on their Facebook page:

Two days in a row, American citizens were instructed they could not carry an American Flag while visiting and mourning the 9/11 Memorial. On July 4th, 2017, near all entrances to the 9/11 memorial grounds all patriotic Americans are invited to support their liberty, honor those lost at Ground Zero, and stand in support of the Stars and Stripes. When the simple carrying of the American flag is judged as 'unwanted expression' at Ground Zero, New York City, NY U.S.A., there is no more time to waste or wait.

This call is for absolute above-reproach and honorable behavior. This event is to show the unwavering support of We The People, for NY's first responders, the people of New York, our country, all of the lives forever changed that day in 2001 and all of the families changed indefinitely in defense of this Flag. Moments of silence at 0846 & 0943

We are expected to greet, smile, support and engage with visitors to the 9/11 memorial and all citizens nearby. There is zero tolerance by law enforcement or AFK for the blocking of streets or of the free movement of any persons, as well as for disrupting any business or public service activities. Bring extra bottles of water for overheated visitors and mourners that will be greeted by a sea of Stars and Stripes.

After the original video, published to AFK's Facebook page on June 4, 2017, received nearly 400,000 views, people started contacting the NY Port Authority about this policy, to which they deny it is an "official" policy, claiming instead that "there is no rule prohibiting the U.S. flag at the 9/11 Memorial," and that "the guards provided incorrect information" (no mention that one of those guards was a supervisor). Their response also claims they are "working with security staff to provide more accurate information."


Some Questions: If this is not a "rule" prohibiting the U.S. flag at the 9/11 Memorial and it is being claimed that "guards" (and a supervisor!) provided incorrect information in saying flags were banned on "private property," how is that different "guards", on different days, harassed different groups, about the same exact issue?

How did the "incorrect information" end up being given to that many people that work for the Port Authority as guards, including the last snide supervisor "Michael," or since he is a supervisor as he states, perhaps it was his policy that was taught to those guards that work beneath him?

Or perhaps it was an "unofficial" rule and policy on the part of the Port Authority, which is why so many of the guards had "incorrect information" and when the video went viral showing it to the nation, they are spinning for damage control?


There have been a number of incidents over the course of the last few years where schools and colleges have banned the American flag, a partial list can be found at WND, and where "students were forced to apologize for dressing in the colors of Old Glory," because it may have "offended" someone. Other examples include Iraq veterans forbidden to fly their American flags in their yards by home owner associations, apartment complexes refusing to allow elderly verterans to fly their flags, with others choosing to leave their retirement community because they cannot fly the Stars and Stripes.

Even the highly liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled for a school that forced students wearing shirts with the American flag on it to either turn them inside out or leave school because they might "incite" Mexican students to violence. In that case the Supreme Court refused to hear the case, leaving the Ninth's decision in place.

The examples go on and on and on... even Google owned YouTube, demonetized Bob Powell's video about the NY Port Authority banning the flag at the 9/11 Memorial, as seen in the screen shot he posted on Facebook last night.


(The yellow Dollar sign means the video has been demonitized and is eligible for one review.)

The bottom line here is that from schools, to tech companies, to the NY Port Authority "guards," political bias has patriotic Americans willing and proud to display the American flag, harassed to unprecedented levels.

Video above- Narrated by Don LaFontaine, Music by The US Army Band, Produced by Richard C. Streeter III

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