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February 2, 2016

Situation Critical: Empty Shelves, Store Closings Are The 'New Normal' - Fed Talks Negative Interest Rates For US Banks And Americans Across Country Share Their Warnings!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The alerts on the website of Steve Quayle about the worsening financial condition that America is now in are matched by the news reports on websites such as the Drudge Report, Zero Hedge and King World News. With the US National Debt clock now hitting $19 TRILLION, Gregory Mannarino gives us a critical economic update in the 1st video below and Gerald Celente tells us why we all need to be prepared for global system collapse in the 2nd video. 

With interest rates turning negative throughout the world, the Fed in the US is now asking banks across the country to consider doing the same thing according to this story on Bloomberg that Matt Drudge linked to Tuesday afternoon. Should hard-working Americans have to pay the banks to hold our money? We may soon have to and this story is just the latest sign that the banks are desperate and the bottom is ready to drop out. 

The 4 stories on Zero Hedge hit like a ton of bricks: "Oilpocalypse Wow! Stocks, Bond Yields Plummet As Bank Risk Soars" is just the appetizer with "The Global Economy Could Fall Farther And Faster Than Pundits Expect" coming in as our soup and salad combo. As our main course we get "Retail Apocalypse: 2016 Brings Empty Shelves And Store Closings All Across America" while for desert we get a full helping of Gerald Celente warning us to "Get Prepped For Global Systematic Collapse" as also heard and seen in the 2nd video below. 


Over at King World News we learn that Nomi Prins, the keynote speaker who recently addressed the Fed, the IMF and World Bank, issued a dire warning to KWN that we may have just witnessed the trigger for collapse and 'once the craks start to develop, the only questions left will be: how bad will the global financial destruction ultimately become and how devastating will this be for the people around the world?

While the mainstream media and politicians will continue to lie to Americans about the state of the US and global economies, the alerts and critical stories on websites from Americans who are paying attention continue to pile up. Should we listen to the silence of the mainstream media on the decaying economy or other Americans sharing with us what they are seeing in their banks, stores and neighborhoods? At ANP, the answer is clear to us.

Republished below are just a few of the recent alert's that have came to Steve Quayle from readers across the country. We always believe it wise to prepare for any possible eventuality and circumstance. These warning's are telling us to get ready for what is to come, for what Nomi Prins and Erik King, Quayle and Celente, Gregory Mannarino and many others have been warning us about for a very long time.

The critical alerts republished below from Quayle's website tell us what Americans are experiencing in their own parts of the country. These reports are not edited nor filtered by the mainstream media nor politicians trying to paint a rosy picture of America. If you are experiencing similar problems and issues where you live, please let us know in the comment section below. 



We live on the outskirts of St Paul, MN. About 3 months ago my husband cashed a $900 payroll check and the clerk literally handed him a stack of bills 2 inches high. About a month ago when I went to cash a $1000 paycheck the clerk advised me that they (Anchor Bank) were changing their policy and soon we would no longer be allow to cash checks. We would have
to deposit them and there would be a waiting period before we could withdraw our money.


Steve, I just read the alert on your site about the fellow who went to his bank and had to wait for the teller to go to the vault to get his cash, as they were out. I'm in Maryland. This past Friday, (January 29, 2016) my husband and I went to one of the larger Maryland banks that we have been dealing with for many, many, years. We are retired, so we only go to the bank once a month to get enough spending cash to last us the month. We never had a problem until this time. I normally wait in the car while my husband goes inside to do the banking. When he came out, he apologized for taking a lot longer than usual. He said the teller had to go to the vault, as they were out of $20.00 bills!!!!!! Dolores


Just letting you know here in Jacksonville, Florida, that a local restaurant chain, SONNY'S BBQ, is out of Turkey meat, and is telling its customers that they don't know when they will get the quality of turkey they prefer back in. The restaurant confirmed that the corporate office is doing their best, but there is a nation-wide shortage of turkey, and only the main big chain distributors are able to get meat. wow.....any one else having revised menus' in their part of the country?? SHEILA

In the 3rd video below, Gary Franchi with the Next News Network tells us all about how Wal Mart closings will soon devastate over 100 small towns across America while in the 2nd video below, we hear from Gerald Celente why we should all be prepared for what is coming...for not to do so, we put ourselves and loved ones in possible jeopardy. In the 1st video, Gregory Mannarino gives us a critical update on the stocks diving, bond yields plunging and everything else we need to know with 2016 off to a horrific start. Below videos we read another warning from a Steve Quayle reader who tells us why we shouldn't be putting our faith in the banks in 2016.

I just got a text from my brother who went to a Chase branch in southern California.He went to withdraw some cash (I don’t know how much) but apparently it exceed the amount they had in the drawer.

Steve, I just got a text from my brother who went to a Chase branch in southern California. He went to withdraw some cash (I don’t know how much) but apparently it exceed the amount they had in the drawer. So the teller had to go back to the vault to replenish and when the teller came back, they said casually that it was the last stack of $10,000 in cash they had on hand. Then mentioned that since they are a smaller branch they don’t tend to keep very much on hand and it probably wouldn’t be replenished until NEXT WEEK! My brother then asked what would happen if he needed cash and they didn’t have it. The answers were 1. Go to another branch 2. They’d write a money order 3. They’d file a request for funds that may take the bank a few days to receive. (All of which makes you feel VERY secure about accessing your own money, right?)

What an illusion of wealth and safety! JPMorgan Chase is one of the banks that have been central to the reports of coming capital controls and such. To hear that this branch, which probably has tens of millions of dollars in deposits from depositors in surrounding area, ONLY has 10K in the vault for the rest of the week, is a major red flag. I’ve been telling him for a while to get out of that bank ASAP and maybe this opened his eyes. They are set up to basically minimize withdrawals to essentially 0 if there is a bank run. As he said in response to my reply email “If there is a bank run, the second person in line would say “What do you mean there is no more money? I was the second person here?” I think that about typifies how shocked 99% of America would be the day they realize it’s all a house of cards pretending to be safe. Depositing money into JPM Chase is like letting a compulsive gambler hold your wallet. Just kiss it goodbye. You’re just financing their gambling habit for a fraction of time. Tomorrow they need to find more suckers to do the same thing.

Good news for whistleblowers like us is that it proves that laying ground work for the reality of what’s happening out there rests in the back of people’s minds until their personal experience starts to prove the things you’ve been saying all along are indeed true. We’ll see what he does moving forward after this experience. It does however prove that even people with finance degrees can be conned to believe in the system. In fact, we just watched The Big Short the other night and almost in the way that the Matrix was an eye opening movie for most, the Big Short, combined with his experience today is having an eye opening effect too. Steve Carell’s character has a moment in the movie where it all becomes clear to him and it cuts to the next scene with him calling his office saying “It’s all a fraud! The whole thing is a fraud!” as he proceeds to short the subprime mortgage industry. Blessings to you


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