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January 3, 2016

Nugent: 'We The People Must Raise Hell Or Die' - US Marines, DHS & UN Practicing For Gun Confiscation


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

"But with the sheer number of horrors too long to list, perpetrated by an out of control government in 2015 still stinging deeply, I pray daily to God Almighty that more and more Americans wake up to our we the people duties to raise hell and demand accountability from our elected employees." - Ted Nugent

As Washington Post reports that Barack Obama intends to once again bypass the will of the American people and Congress by issuing more "gun control" Executive orders, music legend, hunter, political activist and Second Amendment supporter Ted Nugent publishes an op-ed at WND titled "In 2016, We The People Must Raise Hell Or Die!"

Via Nugent:

Never in my 66 years could I have possibly imagined the depth of criminal dishonesty, corruption and abuse of power by my own government.

Never could I have imagined the flagrant lies perpetrated by so much of the media.

Horror of horrors, the brainwashing and hatred for America has turned nearly an entire generation away from the American Dream of earning your own way and pursuing your individual independent happiness.


Despite constantly dancing on the graves of innocents murdered in America by pushing gun control within hours of any mass shooting, what Barack Obama neglects to inform we the people in all of his speeches is that in one of the most "gun controlled" cities in America, Chicago, there were 2,986 shooting victims in 2015.

Mind you, Chicago has a “violence tax” that raises the price of every gun and bullet sold at retail, an “assault weapons” ban, limits on the number of gun stores and the locations of those stores, and what the New York Times describes as handgun restrictions that let city leaders “get as close as they could get legally to a ban without a ban.”

The result? According to the Chicago Tribune, there has been nearly 3,000 shooting victims in one year’s time.

And the Tribune reports approximate 470 homicides for Chicago in 2015, which means gun-controlled Chicago had “the most violent year of all major U.S. cities.” It is the worst year the city has seen since 2012, “when 500 people were killed.”

In fact, according to studies, mass shootings have actually decreased except in "gun free" zones, where Americans are left defenseless, with a target painted on their backs. 

So gun ownership increased for 20 years, but “gun homicides” decreased–except in gun free zones.

WaPo points to a study by Mother Jones that claims that high-profile shootings began increasing in gun-free zones in late 2011/early 2012. The examples Mother Jones provides are the Aurora movie theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and the D.C. Navy Yard, all of which were gun-free zones.

Other examples of shootings in gun-free zones that could have been cited are Arapahoe High School (December 2013), Fort Hood (April 2014), Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (June 2015), Chattanooga military offices (July 2015), the Lafayette Grand Theatre (July 2015), and Umpqua Community College (October 1). 

It is easier to kill disarmed people than it is to kill those armed, trained and prepared to defend themselves.

RelatedNearly Every Single Mass Shooting in the U.S. Since the 1950s Occurred in Gun Free Zones


Other facts and figures, shown in the chart below, indicate that "gun control" is not the end game goal for Barack Obama and anti-Second Amendment activists that support him, but total gun confiscation is - because if stopping gun crimes were the actual ultimate goal then the Obama administration would be enforcing the laws already on the books and prosecuting gun crimes to the fullest extent.

They aren't.

Via PowerLine we find the chart below from Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse:


As the chart shows, it isn't only Obama, but anti-Second Amendment Democrats on the whole that are completely unserious about actual gun crime, but are specifically attemtping to ban guns, then confiscate them.

Flashback to the Clinton Presidency, which as seen above has even a lower percentage of gun crime prosecutions, and who signed a ten year federal "assault weapons ban" in 1994, which expired in 2004. 

Side Note- Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are once again trying to get another "Assault Weapons Ban" passed.

Washington Times discusses the chart above as well, with some other statistics expanded on.

Part of the reason is prosecutors are simply bringing fewer cases.

Of the two most common federal gun offenses — illegally selling a firearm or using one in connection with another crime — the number of cases dropped from 11,067 in 2004 to 8,078 in 2014, according to data kept by federal prosecutors. The figure ticked up in 2015, to 8,528, hinting that a rise in convictions could also be on the horizon.

Erich Pratt, a spokesman for Gun Owners of America, said the drop in convictions makes sense because there has been an overall drop in murders — and he credited expanded gun rights for the good news.

“The fact is, armed citizens serve as a deterrent to crime,” he said. “The number of concealed-carry holders has tripled since the time Obama took office, even while the national murder rate has fallen 25 percent.”


Leading the charge in the ultimate goal of gun confiscation is..... no surprise.... California, where on January 1, 2016 a new law took effect "that allows legally-owned guns to be confiscated if family or friends believe the owner is a threat to themselves or others," according to ABC 7 local news.

"With AB-1014, a family member only has to have a gut feeling to petition for a temporary restraining order."

The Daily Caller explains the process:

Once granted, police can use the restraining order to confiscate all of a person’s guns and ammunition, and the person is also barred from buying or possessing guns and ammo for the duration of the order. A full court hearing must then be heard within three weeks. At that hearing, a judge will be able to extend the restraining order for an entire year.


While we see much discussion about this issue in the comment section here at ANP, with many gun owners asserting gun confiscation would never work because too many gun owners would die before handing them over, I would like to remind those same people that this is an insidious, systematic agenda being enacted as I remember the viral photo which stunned many American gun owners, from Connecticut in December 2013, where we see a line of CT men waiting to "register their guns and ammo" with the state.


We remind readers once again that gun confiscation and genocide historically began with "registration" or "licensing,"  or permits, of firearms.


The attacks on gun owners are coming from every direction, specifically in Democratically controlled states, with gun shop owners forced to produce gun sales records to the government, bills and programs to pay gun owners to hand over their weapons in Connecticut and Chicago, high capacity magazine bans in San Francisco, a demand to "surrender" firearms in Connecticut, as just a few examples of the variety of ways they are coming after your guns.

Each state's gun control laws can be seen here.


While ANP discourages violence unless in defense of life, we do agree with Nugent that it is time to "raise hell or die," because the time is rapidly approaching where "voluntary" relinquishing of weapons will be over, then the government will start confiscating on a nationwide scale with laws like the one that began in California on January 1, 2016.

The first video below is from the Alex Jones channel speaking to the California gun confiscation ban, but the second video is the shocker, where Justin Woolee captures an image from a training video which Woolee clearly believes it shows the U.S. government and military practicing for martial law... in a Christian nation, namely America.

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