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Augsut 23, 2014

Oh My God! You Won’t Believe What These Cops Did!

By Live Free or Die

You WILL NOT believe what these cops just did! All across our country, with Americans rapidly awakening to the ‘police state’, videos are popping up everywhere showing police brutality and cop on innocent American murder.

With the ‘police state’ in mind, YouTube videographer Brett Sanders heads out to do #FirstAmendmentFriday tests weekly, the one shown in the video below brings him to Lockeed Martin’s facility in White Settlement Texas.

With police everywhere taking a beating from the public and the media, it’s EVEN MORE IMPORTANT to show the videos of the police officers who are doing the right thing, and these men and woman below show American law enforcement how IT’S SUPPOSED to be done. Please contact the White Settlement Police Department to voice your opinions about the video below.


Lieutenant David Boden Email – [email protected]
Communications Team Leader Kellye Snyder Email – [email protected]
Community Resouces Officer Officer B. Tibbit Email – [email protected]

Badges DO NOT GRANT law enforcement EXTRA rights; however, MANY LEO’s do UNDERSTAND that they are here to SERVE and protect the American people as this video shows. Thanks White Settlement, Texas law enforcement for a job well done.

Brett makes some outstanding remarks at 8 minute 50 seconds that helps explain why America is in the state we are in now, and how we can take back our country.


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