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December 5, 2015

Strange Reports Come In Across Country As America Is Destroyed From Within! Will Barack Obama Be Responsible For The Deaths Of Americans For Enabling ISIS Massacres By Disarming The American People?†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Letís be clear: there is no difference between a murderer and one who enables the murderer by removing a manís right to protect himself. We have the right to defend ourselves against both." Western Rifle Shooters in a reply to the NY Times Editorial Board

According to Rebel Planet Dispatch, anyone who can stomach listening to the usual garbage flowing out of the mouth of Barack Obama tonight in what some are calling a possible 'gun confiscation speech' should pay attention to how many times he uses the words 'guns' compared to how many times he uses the words 'Islamic Terrorism'.

Calling it "'crafty jihad' from a terrorist-friendly Oval Office" we have to ask, will Barack Obama be responsible for the possible deaths of thousands of law-abiding American citizens if he is successful at taking away the only means of protection we have against the thousands or MILLIONS of potential terrorists he has let into the country in his 7 years in office? Is Barack Obama preparing to disarm Americans for the sake of the terrorist group ISIS?

And why, with ISIS now threatening chemical weapons attacks upon the West, would any politicians or media groups be even thinking about disarming the American people at a time when we are clearly in the greatest danger from Islamic terrorists who have bluntly threatened more attacks upon Americans?

By attempting to disarm the American people at a time we're in the greatest danger from Islamic terrorism, wouldn't Obama be enabling ISIS to possibly slaughter thousands or maybe even millions of law-abiding American citizens? As Shoebat warned back in September, Americans should prepare for ISIS massacres to happen on American soil. Now that he has been proven right and an ISIS-linked massacre has happened here, WHY IS IT that politicians want to disarm the potential victims? In the eye-opening 1st video below, former US Congressman Newt Gingrich joins Fox News to talk about what he considers to be the greatest national security threat that Americans now face: Barack Obama.


We also take a look below at a number of recent strange events that have been happening across the country as sent to ANP by our readers and take a look here at recent comments made by Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch has threatened to prosecute speech that 'edges towards violence' while TOTALLY neglecting hateful speech clearly calling for violence as given by criminal thugs such as Louis Farrakhan who recently called for 10,000 volunteers to kill whites saying: 'stalk them and kill them'.

What about 'Black Lives Matters' who urged the killings of law enforcement officers and whites? Is that not hateful speech or do law enforcement and white lives not matter to Lynch? Will Lynch now ban the Koran in America for containing hateful speech that urges its followers to commit violence upon non-believers? Will she soon shut down Mosques across America for allowing this 'speech' and the proliferation within them of a vast jihadi network in America as recently warned by the FBI?

Are we about to face a 'Loretta Lynch mob' in America or will she now be removed from office (legally, of course!) for threatening the 1st Amendment and possibly putting the lives of American citizens in danger with her own 'rhetoric'? As residents of San Bernardino recently found out, political correctness can be deadly. If only ONE American citizen who didn't want to be labeled a 'racist' had spoken out and NOTIFIED AUTHORITIES after seeing a dozen Muslim men entering the terrorists apartment before the massacre, this massacre may have been avoided. It's time to put an end to political correctness in America before political correctness leads to the deaths of any more Americans.

144219000098.jpg blmterrorists.jpg

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln

Over the last few days, All News Pipeline has been emailed a number of different tips of strange events going on right now in America that our readers are concerned about that may tie into what we're watching unfold on a national level including reports of snipers on the roof of a Wal-Mart store in Florida. While this may have been explained by "some sort of 'drills' going on", this report also comes with additional info: an Islamic prayer meeting may have been going on inside of the store.

A couple ANP readers were concerned about a very suspicious 'exercise' that happened at a couple of schools in the North Carolina area close to Fort Bragg, the original home of Jade Helm 15. 3 suspicious men, 2 who appeared to be Middle Eastern, entered a school and asked about emergency preparedness. They were not authorized to do so by the US Army who has apologized and according to one report but were verified as being part of secretive US Army exercises as shared in the 2nd video below.

We also take a look below at several other new videos that have come out recently that help to prove that America is now near the end of the process of being 'overthrow from within.' If this is completed it will leave an America forever broken. Also included below is a video about a mysterious Russian plane recently discovered flying over California. .

In the 1st video below, Newt Gingrich tells us that Obama's policies are setting up Americans to be sitting ducks. How is it that the US Military allows Mr. Obama to continue to put Americans in danger with his open-door immigration policies that have even infuriated law enforcement agencies across America? Why isn't somebody who's even been reported by a US Congressman to be allowing countless ISIS terrorists into the country considered to be a DANGER TO ALL AMERICANS and our country's national security as Gingrich warns below?


It has long been said that America will never be overthrown from the outside and if America was to be defeated, it would have to be from within. Are we now witnessing this long-held warning coming true? As Susan Duclos reported Saturday on ANP, a 3rd 'confirmed' shooter in San Bernardino, California has apparently escaped from this massacre to live to terrorize another day; how many more potential terrorists are there now spread throughout the country just waiting to kill 'infidels'?

While the present 'occupier' of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and those who have been called 'his partners in treason' in DC attempt to further erode the US Constitution and Bill of Rights with more talk of curbing the 2nd Amendment, we have to ask once again, why is it that potential terrorists are being funnelled into America 'en masse' while gun grabbers are busy trying to take away Americans best means of defense against said terrorists and potential massacre? Is this more proof America is being purposefully destroyed from within?


The next bit of info was sent to us by a concerned ANP reader. Why would a local Wal Mart store in Florida appear to have snipers upon the roof as seen in the picture below? What we republish below is quite interesting and shows once again all is not as it might seem in America. This was originally published on this Facebook page.

It has come to my attention that there has been some unusual people taking unusual pictures inside and outside our Super Walmart in Chiefland. Others have reportedly seen snipers (law enforcement) on the roof at Walmart.This happened last week on BIack Friday..It also involved very strong police presence and police dogs..Some say it is merely a training exercise...I have not been able to independently verify any of this.....HOWEVER, I am on my way to Walmart and the surrounding CVS, Walgreens, Winn Dixie plus other stores.(including the one my daughter manages) anyway TO PRAY...We all should know and understand the... "battle is not against flesh and blood, but principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world,and spiritual wickedness in high places.."Ephes. 6:10-17...It is a SPIRITUAL battle that must be fought with SPIRITUAL WEAPONS wearing our SPIRITUAL ARMOUR,which The LORD has given us......So we pray...ANYWAY... AMEN? I have been Praying over our whole nation as well....

I heard a little more information about the picture taker who was taking unusual pictures inside and outside our Wal Mart Superstore which is about a mile from our home.....( It is indeed true and it precipitated a response of sniper on the roof...Strong police presence and more)....It is now,reported many (some estimates up to 40) Muslims from out of town, entered Wal Mart and turned toward Mecca, put their prayer rugs on the floor and in unison began to pray then praise their god. I understand this was done in Gainesville Fl. also,....I have no independent confirmation of this yet.. Christians are praying to our GOD..


The 2nd video below takes a look at the strange story out of North Carolina that had 3 US Army soldiers visiting schools without permission asking about the schools emergency plans. In fact, the US Army seem to contradict themselves with their own statement as heard below. What is really going on in North Carolina? Is there more to this than meets the eye?†

In the 3rd video below we take a look at a strange Russian plane that was recently seen flying over parts of California and Nevada. Why is a Russian military plane flying over America? Is this part of 'open skies' treaties or something else completely seeing that hostilities between Russia and the US are at historic highs?

In the 4th and final video below, Alex Jones and Infowars discuss 'Red Dawn in America' and the likelihood that a massive battle to the death will soon be coming with the apocalyptic ISIS jihadis infiltrating the country.

We are now less than 4 weeks away from 2016. What will 2016 bring to Obama's America? Will it bring in an America completely overthrown with a dictatorial police state and thousands or millions of innocent people dead at the hands of ISIS terrorists that have been given a free pass into the country? Will America soon look just like a country in the Middle East, Iraq, Libya, Yemen or Syria, as seen below both before and after America became involved there?

ANP sincerely thanks those 'moderate Muslims' who are speaking out and acting against radical Islam. Sadly, there are far too few and for those who consider themselves to be 'moderate Muslims' and are as abhored by Islamic terrorism as† Americans are, we sincerely ask you to step up and redouble your own efforts. For Islamic terrorism to be defeated, Islamic terrorism must first be called what it is. While we strongly agree that all Muslims shouldn't have to be made to pay for the crimes of the radicals spreading death and evil throughout the world, there are many of the Islamic faith who enable such evil by not speaking out against it and notifying authorities when they know something.

We pray for peace in America and the world and for the health and safety of all Americans, law enforcement and the US military in these very dangerous days we live in. We hate to sound like a recording but if you see something suspicious that you believe could lead to danger, please speak out to the proper authorities. Let's not let another San Bernardino happen on our watch. We hope that everybody stays vigilant with eyes and ears open and as Midland County Texas Sheriff Gary Painter warned ISIS last year: "If they rear their ugly head, we'll send them to hell."



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