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August 18, 2015

Political Insider Warns Obama May Be Last US President - America Turned Into An Islamic Caliphate - Things Are Shaking Up Big Time!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Political insider Larry Nichols has been around the 'elite' for many years. A 1997 story in the New York Times told us about Nichols' connections to the Clinton family that dated back years; he was hired by Bill to be the Arkansas Development Finance Authority's marketing director. Nichols didn't have much nice to say about Clinton back in 1997, connecting Clinton to cocaine shipments, money laundering and gun running surrounding the airport in Mena, Arkansas.

Nichols also charges that Clinton misused state funds to romance at least 5 different woman and that he himself was a hitman for the Clinton's. While Nichols warned that the Clinton's would likely have him killed for speaking out, he's still around and he's still talking and gives us a whole boat load of new information in the new video below featuring him being interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Topics covered include bringing us up-to-date with new information on the Clinton body count as well as what he warns may be Barack Obama's plans for America: his own role as the last US president and the 1st US king.


Nichols joins Jones at the 3:55 mark and begins to tell us about all of the people who have died around the Clinton family. Jones asks Nichols if the Clinton's are done, sharing that Bill looked like 'death warmed over' in recent pictures of him playing golf with Barack Obama, or if something else is at play with the seeming 'fall of the Clinton's' playing out in the news every day before us.

Nichols tells us that one of three things is likely happening right now; either Clinton's campaign themselves have put all of this negative information out so that Hillary can come back and play the role of the underdog OR this is the work of the Obama administration to 'take down' the only people powerful enough to stop his sinister plans for America OR this is 'real', which he strongly doubts.


Telling us that Obama would like nothing more than for riots to break out across the country so that he can institute 'martial law', Nichols shares with us a Secret Service memo about the death of Vincent Foster that he says WILL bring down Hillary if the email scandal does not. Telling with us that since we are at the elitists 'end game' and everyone is vying to become the US's 'last president', Nichols tells us that we are witnessing one of the biggest power struggles of our time that could possibly end with Obama annointing himself king and the US turned into an Islamic caliphate.

With 'Hillary For Prison' signs popping up across Missouri as shared in this story from The Gateway Pundit, are we about to witness the sudden fall of one of the 'elite' political families in America with America's 1st dictatorship on the horizon or will we find out that all of the political shaking up going on now right now across America is merely political 'theater' with an already predetermined outcome?


Cartoon below courtesy of Indifference Curved.


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