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December 22, 2014

Obama Purging Police? ‘Scary’ 2015 Prep Happening All Across America!

By Live Free or Die


With Alex Jones now warning a race war in America may have already begun in the 2nd video, YouTube videographer Jason A gives us more proof of ‘scary’ preparation for something huge in America in 2015 in the 1st video. Meanwhile, the 3rd video is an excellent breakdown of the cowardly assassination of two public servants in New York from Edifying Others, who asks if Barack Obama has now begun a purge against police departments across America, as he did against US military officers, of people who will not support the New World Order agenda.

Our videographers examination of Obama possibly purging police departments in America begins at the 8 minute mark after our videographer clearly shows us the reasons why he believes that this event really did occur, contrary to ‘conspiracy theories’ that suggest this was all a false flag hoax.

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