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March 22, 2016

Limp-Wristed Obama Sends Major NWO Signals From Cuba To The Rest Of The World


By Susan Duclos  - All News PipeLine

The imagery that has come out of Cuba from the Obama family's trip has been utterly astounding from Barack Obama's major NWO communist signal of proudly standing for a photo op in front of a mural of the famous revolutionary communist Che Guevara, to his limp-wrist as Cuban dictator President Raul Castro holds up Obama's arm for the world to see.


These visuals are carefully crafted and deliberately being highlighted by the White House itself as evidenced by the "W.H. Gov" seen in the upper right corner of the first image where Castro is holding up a limp-wristed Obama's arm. As can be seen on the verified  White House Facebook account, they share videos with that very same "W.H. Gov "  in the upper right corner, which can be seen in on multiple videos on their video page

These two visuals alone are an in-your-face NWO message saying that the U.S. limp-wristed, gay, communist president is being held up and supported by communists across the globe because he is weak. 

As our good friends over at AFF so succinctly put it "President Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba has been a national disgrace and a complete embarrassment."

Even American publications such as a 2014 article by The Daily Beast which asserts it is "not hard to see why" the American public lost faith that Obama can command respect of other nations, stating that "even Democrats don't see him as a strong leader in the world"

Russia has been calling Obama weak for years as was written in 2012 by the Moscow Times who headlines at the time with "Kremlin Sees Obama as Weak," and in 2015 The Telegraph headlines with "Vladimir Putin sees Barack Obama's coolness as weakness – and it is hurting America."

It is not hard to see why many in the world perceive Obama as weak, especially in comparison to Russian President Vladimir Putin, as we have seen many "comparison" pieces and visuals over the years highlighting the differences in optics between the two men, where Obama is always the butt of the joke.

A few examples below:




All one has to do is a simple Google image search to find countless comparison shots, some cartoonish, others using real events and photos of each leader to understand how Obama is perceived as weak and Putin and strong.

Another stark contrast between Obama and Putin is their stances on gay activism, with the Obama administration pushing gay activism to the point where they refused to defend DOMA (defense of marriage act) and actively worked to overturn it, then lit the White House up in rainbows colors.


Contrast that to Putin passing a law in 2013, which banned  "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" among minors, which became quite controversial.

"There is no ban on non-traditional forms of sexual interaction between people. We have a ban on propaganda of homosexuality," Putin told a meeting with young volunteers preparing for the games. "We ban nothing, we aren't going after anyone, we have no responsibility for such contacts."

Putin said some U.S. states had laws envisaging criminal responsibility for gay sexual intercourse.

"We have no such thing, people can feel free and at ease but please leave the children in peace," he said.

Compare that to the state of Virginia which recently caused outrage among parents when public school board approved lessons about homosexuality and gender identity in its Family Life Education curriculum., from elementary school through to high school. Or consider California where the Governor signed a bill forcing schools to teach "gay history." School children are being taught about "homosexual foreplay,"  or in Las Vegas which considered teaching kindergartners about masturbation and homosexuality.

Obama built that!

Whether one agrees with Putin's stance or not on homosexuality as a whole, many would agree that children should be left out of it, that it is a parents right, not the school system or the state or federal government's, to decide what their children are taught about sexuality of any type.


Because nothing is ever as it seems with politicians and world leaders, we have to ask ourselves if the perception of weakness, if the deliberate imagery of of communism, the constant support, training and arming those that eventually use those weapons and training to attack America, isn't all being done by design.

Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary, communist figure in the Cuban Revolution that represents leftist radicalism and anti-imperialism, who became part of Fidel Castro’s efforts to overthrow the Batista government. states Guevara's name  "is often equated with rebellion, revolution, and socialism. Others, however, still remember that he could be ruthless and ordered prisoners executed without trial in Cuba."

There is no way on earth that Barack Obama was not aware of the Che Guevara mural behind him as he proudly stood in front of it for his photo op in Cuba.


The imagery that came from Obama's Cuba trip was deliberately calculated to send a NWO message that not only does Obama actively support communism, but his weakness requires that the "rubber band man" Obama is actively supported by those same communists and dictators.

The conclusive bottom line goes to Canada Free Press writer Judi McLeod:

Back In 2009 Obama began his Hate-America agenda against the ‘Land of the Free’, ‘Home of the Brave’ by putting it down in the Arab world,  and is now ending it by putting America down in the 57-year-old communist state of Cuba.  The photos in the American family history album, destined to keep speaking a thousand words even long after he’s gone, include the one with him standing proudly in front of the photo of the murderous brute Ché Guevara,  and the telltale limp-wristed one where Raúl Castro seemed unwilling to let go of his arm.

With all of the breath-taking arrogance that only a self-made community organizer cum dictator could call his own, Obama’s message to the West is: “What Barack wants, Barack always gets.”

That Cuba, still under the boots of the flagrant human rights ignoring Castro brothers,  is only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, should send chills down the backbone of Communist savvy people the world over.

But what Barack really wants most,  he’ll never get, neither in nor out of office.

Barack wants all citizens, starting with American ones goose stepping their way toward his brand of Islamist terrorist/ lib-left approved Marxism, soul-less Marxism that lives primarily to stomp out all allegiance to God Almighty.


Another aspect of this is explained below as Alex Jones breaks down President Obama's visit to Cuba and exposes why the CIA installs dictators across the world.

FLASHBACK - Remember in 2008 when images from Obama's campaign offices were captured showing Che posters?



The next photo's caption reads " "Lourain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge speaks in his office in Lorain, Ohio as posters of Che Guevara and Barack Obama hang on his wall."


Anyone think it is just a coincidence that Obama is constantly compared by fans of his  to, an now actually poses in front of, Che Guevara?

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