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February 4, 2017

Is Trump Purging The Enemies Within? Obama Loyalists Being Escorted Out Of The White House


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Due to what appears to have been an honest mix up, reports came out this week that Secret Service manager level staff was "forced to resign" this week, but after clarification it was determined that it wasn't Secret Service that was forced to resign and was escorted from the White House, but was in reality members of security/cyber security/information security, including the Chief of Information Security at White House.

It began when Steve Clemons, Political and Foreign Policy Commentator,  Washington Editor at Large, associated with The Atlantic and National Journal and a Contributor at MSNBC, sent the following tweet out on February 2, 2017, stating "Reports coming in that some Secret Service mgr level personnel forced 2 resign 2nite & escorted out of EEOB. Two out but source says more." That was immediately followed up by another report from Clemons, stating "Repeat. Two (& perhaps more) @SecretService Mgr level staff abtuptly forced to resign tonight & escorted out of EEOB #trump #whitehouse"


The EEOB refers to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building which houses a majority of offices for White House staff.

The next morning Clemons followed up with a series of tweets admitting to his error in reporting it was Secret Service that was forced to resign and escorted off the premises, but was in reality, members of the "White House Security," who "share space" with the Secret Service.


Between his original tweet and his clarifications, others reported on his initial assertion that it was Secret Service that was removed, to the point where the Secret Service agency spokeswoman was forced to issue a denial stating, "The report regarding the Secret Service personnel is absolutely false."

A purge of Secret Service would have been a big story, especially after reports regarding one agent who had publicly stated she would not "take a bullet" for President Trump, resulting in her suspension with pay, pending an investigation, but the real story here is that it was the White House Security Chief, who was an Obama political appointee, announced in September 2016, via the White House website, also referred to as the "first ever cyber chief."

Fortune Magazine reported in September 2016:

Touhill will lead a team within the White House's Office of Management and Budget "that conducts periodic cyberstat reviews with federal agencies to insure that implementation plans are effective and achieve the desired outcomes," said Scott, the U.S. info chief, and Michael Daniel, U.S. cybersecurity coordinator, in a jointly authored blog post announcing the news. Touhill will be responsible for "helping to ensure the right set of policies, strategies, and practices are adopted across agencies," they said.

Emphasis mine.

The timing of this seems quite coincidental, on the heels of the immigration pause roll-out, preventing immigrants from countries considered security threats due to high levels of terrorist activity, which has led to lawsuits against the Executive Order, with one judge halting the pause, and the Trump administration vowing to fight it, has largely been criticized due Visa and Green Card holders being denied entry into the U.S. or detained upon arrival, when those holders were not supposed to be part of the "pause."

Was it a botched roll-out as has been suggested by critics, or was there a deliberate intra-agency communications issue, which led to the chaos that ensued shortly after the EO was signed and implementation started?

Not knowing the exact specific responsibilities that fall under the First Federal Chief Information Security Officer and his department within the White House, I cannot answer that, but the timing of these purges are suspicious, on top of the previous firing of the acting Attorney General Sally Yates,  another hold over from the Obama administration, "after she issued a kamikaze attack on her new boss, refusing to defend his executive order in the courts," along with purging Obama's Border Control Chief, who had previously been accused by members of the union that represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, the National Border Patrol Council, of being a "disgrace," and tying their hands in regards to doing their jobs as well as advocating lax immigration enforcement.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this apparent purge of Obama loyalists and appointees, in positions to betray and work against the new administration, is how the mainstream media is avoiding the fact that the White House Security Chief, along with an unspecified number of members of the security/cyber security/information security, were not only "forced" to resign but were actually escorted out of the EEOB.

If the past year and a half has told us anything, it is that when the MSM doesn't want something known, it is usually something "we the people" should know more about, so their avoidance of any major headlines regarding this, is quite worrisome.


All administrations deliberately "leak" certain details, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they allow a "leak" in order to basically offer an unofficial warning to the public about what is coming. Other times they float possible actions anonymously in order to gauge public reaction. The most damaging "leaks" are those that reveal private conversations and plans, with the sole goal by the "leaker" to cause trouble for an agenda or proposal they disagree with politically.

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With a consistent stream of media headlines claiming their are an unprecedented amount of the latter types of leaks coming from the White House, with mainstream media gleefully claiming their is "distrust" and "confusion," implying the Trump administration is paranoid about traitors in their midst, we find that these "purges" that we see increasing, especially with the MSM studiously avoiding reporting on some of them, and slanting reports about others, it appears the Trump administration is being forced to "clean house" now of Obama loyalists, rather than slowly replacing people at a more leisurely pace.

White House spokesmen Sean Spicer was right, these bureaucrats need to either "get with the program" or get out, before they find themselves fired and escorted out the door.

While we provided a few of the screen shots from the Clemons Twitter feed above, in the video below I went ahead and went through all of them pertaining to the most recent purge in the White House of Obama loyalists, showing the series of tweets explaining, encouraging others to follow up and then clarifying exactly who was basically booted out the door, while the media silence on these "forced" resignations (read: firings) is deafening.

President Trump needs to purge all the "enemies" within if he expects to enforce his agenda and keep his campaign promises without being stabbed in the back at every turn.

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