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September 1st, 2016

Here's How They Can 'Round Us All Up And Throw Away The Key' - Preparations Being Made For The Final Crackdown Upon The American People


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the 1st video below, the screenshots within this ANP story and this linked story from Potrblog, we see what could very well be the most Orwellian steps that government has taken yet on the road towards complete tyranny in America as our own Center of Disease Control (CDC) is attempting to give itself the power to forcibly and indefinintely detain healthy people, en masse - entire cities if they'd like, without recourse or appeal.

While this sounds like something we'd expect to hear from 20th century nazi-Germany or any one of a number of different totalitarian (aka TERRORIST) government's throughout history, this is coming directly from the United States of America and as our videographer tells us here, you and I could easily become its 'victims' and we'd have no legal recourse.

Giving themselves the power of judge, jury and executioner in one order, this is just the latest news that we've gotten that they're preparing for the final days of America and the full imposition of a draconian, totalitarian, one-world government of a 'boot stamping upon a human face, forever'. As we're also told here, we have until October 14th to put the CDC in their proper place, reminding them that they are only servants OF the American people, not dictators to the American people. Otherwise, the CDC may soon find themselves on a very long list of increasingly tyrannical 'alphabet soup agencies' that need to be completely shut down, legally and peacefully of course, for the good of the American people and the human race. 


This video is extremely important and we'll place it directly below in the hopes that as many people as possible can watch it and spread it far and wide - as our videographer tells us, the CDC can now "round us up and throw away the key."

Below video we'll take another look at the latest news about the takeover of the internet and the globalists attempt to ban free speech in America in their desperate attempt to squash the 'Trump train' and the alternative media, including some alt-left and the majority of alt-right, that is helping to propel his rise against 'blood-thirsty, war criminal in a dress' Hillary Clinton. We'll also take a look below at several other new stories which prove to us...time is almost up.

If you are one of those who mindlessly love to shout 'put on your tinfoil hat' or 'government would never do that to us' w/o doing your research, you can read the points emphasized by our videographer directly from the CDC's document here. As our videographer also tells us, you can leave comments for the CDC on this purely demonic document here. We also take a look below at a recent, emergency FBO order from FEMA requesting 5 million bottles of water. 

Some might ask if this is possibly a 'good thing' that we are witnessing, the ability for government to forcibly take individuals or entire cities and force them into quarantine to protect the rest of society. Considering everything else that we've been witnessing across America in a rapid drive by the globalists to finish their destruction of our country so they can implement their dictatorial, totalitarian, global government, NOTHING we get from them should be looked at as a 'good thing'.

As we see below in the word searches that we did on this CDC document, words with extremely totalitarian meanings came up over and over and over again throughout the document as seen in the sceenshots taken below. Why would totalitarian words such as apprehension, enforce, detain and quarantine turn up so many times? Why is the CDC now attempting to obtain the power to 'lock us up and throw away the key' as our videographer warned? Does the CDC know something that we don't know?  


As has been reported throughout the alternative media, on October 1st, the control of the internet will no longer be in the hands of the United States. While we would love to believe that our public servants within government and the people at the United Nations, China, or whoever takes over the internet have the American people's best interests in mind, nearly everything else we're now watching unfolding across America and the world prove anything but. We'd love to see govt take the steps necessary to prove us wrong but until we do, we see 'terrorists in sheeps clothing'.

In the next video below we see that if the globalists backing Hitlery Clinton have their way, the very 1st Amendment will be in danger. In fact, there may be nothing that the globalists want more than to be able to shut down the alternative news altogether prior to the election. As we reported previously, the awakened alt news, alt-right and even alt-left, is largely backing Trump over 'war criminal' Hillary. Will the globalists be able to force the end of the 1st Amendment in America with their internet takeover October 1st? 


According to this Federal Business Opportunity document and YouTube videographer Joanne Steen in the final video below, FEMA recently asked for an emergency delivery of up to 5 million bottles of water in either 1/2 or 1 liter bottles. The request was made on August 24th and all water was to be delivered by August 26th to the ISB Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

As we've previously reported on ANP and has been reported across the internet, massive preparation is still taking place across the world for a still unknown event. We'll have to admit that this latest CDC document adds another layer of mystery to what that event might be as we appear to be moving closer and closer to war and total economic collapse.

Has a disease such as ebola or some other deadly, communicable disease that would require the 'apprehension', 'detainment', 'quarantining' and 'vaccinations' of mass numbers of  American people, possibly entire cities, been unleashed upon our shores?  




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