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August 6, 2015

Operation Dragon Spear And The Rush To WW3 & Nuclear Armageddon - Are We Almost Out Of Time?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the eye-opening brand new video below from VICE News, the California desert becomes a war zone with 'Operation Dragon Spear', the largest military training drill in a decade at Fort Irwin and one that will see more than 1,500 personnel, living and working out of tents, to see if the US Army can still fight as a heavyweight on the world stage according to this linked Vice story.

Operation Dragon Spear might rattle a few nerves and rattle a few windows we are told as part of this exercise will involve 'late night activity' on August 5th and August 6th that caused US Army Col. Russell Muncy to warn.: “I greatly regret any disturbance that we cause any of the folks that live near the base.”

With the US Army's focus on 'unconventional warfare' the past 15+ years, Operation Dragon Spear is a sign that the Army is turning its focus back to 'conventional warfare', ie, potential World War 3 against China or Russia. From Vice.:

Operation Dragon Spear is a signal that the US Army is turning its attention from low-intensity counterinsurgency conflicts, which it's been engaged in for close to 15 years, to conventional wars — variously described by the Pentagon as high-intensity conflict, full-spectrum operations, major contingency operations, and decisive action. Whatever term is used, the Pentagon is referring to the kind of insanely destructive conflict that would result if the US found itself in a war with Russia, China, or what is called a "peer or near-peer competitor," which means anyone with a large, high-tech military.


This new story on King World News is called "Paul Craig Roberts – Vladimir Putin Issues Major Warning But Is It Too Late To Escape Armageddon?" and in it we learn that the world still has an 'out', a small chance to possibly escape 'Armageddon'. According to the 'Wolfowitz Doctrine', Russia must be destroyed - the story helps us to understand that Russia's destruction also implies our own. 

We learn here that prosperity is our way out because prosperity leads to peace. However, the road to prosperity in America begins with the restoration of the middle class. With family owned businesses being purposely destroyed and the mainstream media, 90% owned by 6 companies, failing to hold the political class to account for their actions, we are quickly running out of time to do so. So, how do we escape what now seems inevitable? From King World News.:

In order to restore peace, the neoconservatives must be removed from foreign policy positions in the government and media. This means that Victoria Nuland must be removed as Assistant Secretary of State, that Susan Rice must be removed as National Security Adviser, that Samantha Power must be removed as US UN ambassador.

The warmonger neoconservatives must be removed from Fox ‘News,’ CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, and in their places independent voices must replace propagandists for war.

For obvious reasons, there is not much optimism that those starting points will ever be reached. With US Congress having sold their souls to Satan and the Federal Reserve Bank, we have to ask, have we run out of time to make things right?

The video below is quite interesting in light of Jade Helm 15 and the rest of the military 'exercises' going on right now across America. Listen to the announcer. It sure sounds like he calls out 'Texas' several times in explaining what is about to happen. Does he know something that we don't know?


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