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May 13, 2016

Is 'The Next Great Culling Of Humanity' Here? Hundreds Of Millions Have Suffered 'Death By Government' -  Breaking Out Of The Matrix And Overthrowing Tyranny 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

A headlong rush into tyranny with no turning back may be only one 'event' away from materializing in America

The story from the Global Liberty Community tells us that without question, the worst evils mankind has ever had to endure have all been inflicted by big (and BAD) governments. We have in the history books absolute proof of hundreds of millions of human lives extinguished by 'leftist ideas' that progressed towards tyranny, ending in at least 8 different 'mass human-life elimination' events where at least 1 million people were murdered by government committed to 'progressive social movements' in the name of 'helping the people'. If we take the 'red pill', we may soon find out we're living within a 9th one unfolding before our very eyes...though many still cannot see it. 

"Getting out of the 'matrix' within which we live and finding 'truth' can be one of the most difficult experiences that we have as Americans living in the 21st century. We've all been fed a steady stream of what 'life' should be by the mainstream news media, Hollywood and 'big government' since we were born. In our lifetimes we've also seen the propagandizing by government upon their own people taken to levels unlike anything seen before in the modern era with the (s)election of Barack Obama and his legacy of 'hope'. What is hope in reality?  

"Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man."


In the 1st video below we're told by Billy Corgan, the founder and lead singer of the rock group Smashing Pumpkins, that despite all of the problems that have been exposed within the American political system in recent decades, he still believes that we live within the greatest 'political system' that ever existed, bar none. Likely due to that, a recent poll shows many more Americans have 'taken the red pill' than we had previously thought. Is America escaping the matrix?  

While 49% of millenials (ages 18 to 29) would actually consider leaving the country if Donald Trump is elected president, interestingly enough, an even higher percentage of Bernie Sanders voters might actually vote for Trump ahead of Clinton! A Fox news exit poll in West Virginia recently found 50% of Bernie Sanders voters, many of them millenials, would consider voting Trump before they'd ever cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. Is this a sign Americans are preparing to toss off global tyranny in favor of 'nationalism' and ready to ditch 'equal poorness for all' for a chance at redemption? 

While 'social justice warriors' and other millenials are being rapidly 'herded into a pen' built for the unsuspecting masses as elaborated upon further in the 1st video with Corgan and Infowars, by fighting within their own matrix for nonsensical issues such as bathroom rights and 'safe spaces', global tyranny is preparing to yank them straight into reality if it's allowed to further creep into our lives as it's been doing daily now for decades. For those who think 'Trump for President' chalked on the sidewalk is scary, imagine a faceless, Hitleresque-dictator running the world.

Even though Bernie Sanders supporters claim that 'socialism' or 'communism' would make America a better place, Corgan and Infowars remind listeners of the countless millions of innocent people across the world who have been slaughtered by socialist/communist regimes and systems. How many MILLIONS of lives have leftist ideologies been responsible for taking from the planet? How many more will die because of them? Is America creeping towards the same tyranny via leftist ideology? A headlong rush into tyranny with no turning back may be only one 'event' away from materializing here


This 1st video also talks with us about how we ourselves can get out of the 'matrix' that we now live within, a truly 'orwellian' socio-economic and political system Corgan says that has been brainwashing Americans for decades.

What is the matrix? While several different theories from others are shown directly below, I'll go in a slightly different direction. First, a couple valid theories which I'm not here to argue against. 1st, the Matrix movie definition.:


A couple other theories closely tied to that one from Urban Dictionary


While we see some have described the matrix as the political/socio-economic system that we're really living in concealed before our very eyes, we'll take it one step further in suggesting that our entire way of living throughout large parts of America and much of the world has become 'out of balance' fact, our 'way of life' takes us out of balance. 'Life out of balance' is the matrix. In making that suggestion we're not insinuating that 'everyone' is out of balance; of course, millions know the way and live it daily.

Back in 1982, a movie was released called Koyaanisqatsi...Hopi Indian for 'Life Out Of Balance'. We've embedded the video below for your knowledge and viewing pleasure. It's something to behold and shows one of the 'matrix's' within which hundreds of millions of Americans now exist in, lives completely out of balance, especially in comparison with what we see when 'life is in balance'. As you'll see if you watch enough of it, there really are many different worlds that humanity lives within, but in the long run, what really matters is, is the world we're living in IN or OUT of 'balance'? What happens when government becomes 'out of balance' with the rest of humanity? According to Wikipedia:

According to Hopi Dictionary: Hopėikwa Lavāytutuveni, the Hopi word koyaanisqatsi (Hopi pronunciation: [kojɑːnisˈkɑtsi])[24] is defined as "life of moral corruption and turmoil" or "life out of balance".[25] The prefix koyaanis– means "corrupted" or "chaotic", and the word qatsi means "life" or "existence",[26] literally translating koyaanisqatsi as "chaotic life".[25] The film also defines the word as "crazy life", "life in turmoil", "life disintegrating", and "a state of life that calls for another way of living."


As we began this story, big government is historically one of the most dangerous threats that humanity has ever faced. From Stalin to Mao to Adolf Hitler, totalitarian governments, governments like ours, governments completely out of balance, have slaughtered hundreds and hundreds of millions of people. Will the same thing happen here? It's been warned that millions around the world will die opposing global government and the 'new world order'.

Each and every day we see our God-given rights that are protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights slipping away. As Corgan tells us here, America looks nothing like the country it did many years ago. If the changes we've witnessed over the past 8 years of Obama and decades striving towards a 'new world order' were for the better, we're quite certain that there wouldn't be so many Americans ready for 'real change'. Democrats and Republicans are fed up. Americans are fed up. With the government we've gotten, we should be. It's clear that America won't be able to survive much longer the changes we've gotten if they keep going in the same direction they're going.

Will enough Americans 'awaken' in time to the 'matrix' we're living within to help prevent what could make the killing sprees of the socialist trio of the worst mass murderers in history seem like child's play? As has been reported for several years recently, government has been stocking up in huge numbers on weaponry, ammunition and preparing for something huge. Why do they need all of those guns and bullets? Do they know something that we don't know?

Listening to Corgan is very enlightening as he tells us what we'll never learn from the mainstream media. The video focuses greatly upon the matrix we're living within...and how to get out of it...and what might happen if enough people don't. It's clear that overthrowing global government tyranny will never happen by violence or war.

This 'revolution' is taking place at the voting booth in America, with an 'awakened' American populace close to doing something that violent revolution could never do; restoring America to balance. Could Hillary Clinton in the WH accomplish such a thing? The entire peace and freedom-loving world need balance in Washington DC like nothing before.

 If you haven't yet seen this movie based upon the Hopi Indian words for 'Life Out Of Balance', it's well worth it though it may not appeal to everybody. However, what it shows is how far humanity as a whole has fallen 'into the matrix' in the world within which we live. Life in balance is a beauty to behold and something that all of humanity should strive for if we hope to avoid what might otherwise be inevitable, the next great culling of humanity. 



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