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August 29, 2015

Overthrown! The Death Of America - 'Time Is Almost Up' - Exclusive Interview With Travis O. Dean


By All News PipeLine

T.O Dean aka Travis O. Dean if the author of the 12 part series "Overthrown! The Death of America." Before the question and answer portion of the short interview below, T.O. Dean explained that while he does not require anyone believe as he does, "it is scriptural to require someone to justify in their own minds why they believe what they believe. That is one of the major points in these stories." Dean shared with us that Overthrown' story was written as a serial for Steve Quayle's website, then was later rewritten into it's present form.

ANP: Overthrown, the death of you feel we are now witnessing what you warned of in your books and please share any thoughts on this that you might have for our readers.

Travis O. Dean: Allow me to begin by saying while the 'Overthrown' series quotes scripture and prophecy, I have had no direct revelation from The Lord. It is one mans opinion of how things might happen based on scripture and prophecy. Clearly no space ships have landed on the White House lawn. There has been no EMP attack taking out the nations power grid. But all you have to do is take a look at the headlines. UFO reports happen almost faster than you can count. The 'space brothers' haven't stepped out to say 'hi' yet, but the many, many reported sighting do serve the purpose of making people wonder if we are alone or if there truely is life as we know it on other planets. Which in my opinion is a Satanic deception as spoken of in The Bible. Remember Satan doesn't have to make us worship him to keep us from going to Heaven. He knows it only requires that we stop worshiping God. World War III has yet to start, but again look at the headlines. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, ISIS and others are constantly threatening us with attack both from without and from within. I believe what we are witnessing is just the threshold of what will become WW III and the entering of the end times. I believe that preparing for what is soon to come is of the most importance. Preparing physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. I also believe if you have yet to prepare, your time is almost up. The 'Overthrown' series is meant to help people do that.

ANP: We have been writing a lot about preparation recently at ANP. Fortunately, many people are taking the advice given by alt media outlets and others and are preparing for difficult times ahead, spiritually, mentally and physically.

 Sadly, many others are not...they will likely be the ones you warn of ... 'their time is almost up'...

 What would you say to people who are still 'clueless' help convince them to prepare now for soon it will be too late? Do you feel there is any hope at all for them or is already far too late and should we even keep trying to reach them or move on, refusing to waste valuable energy upon those who will likely never see what others see clearly?

Travis O. Dean: This is a question that hits close to home. My wife has family members who refuse to believe that the government would allow bad times to go on for very long. One of her nephews has been warned by me for over a decade of the need of preparing. This man makes much more money than I do, and spends it on vacations and business opportunities, while still having a nice little nest egg in the bank. His attitude is one of "Well, if anything bad happens, I'll just come stay with you.". I have warned him not to try it. I have prepared for my family, not my family and his. I've told him he will not be allowed in the house, but since his aunt is my wife he believes there is no way I can lock him out. He is mistaken. I will not sacrifice the welfare of my family for the sake of someone who was warned, had the means and the chance to prepare but chose not too. As a Christian The Bible teaches that I should be charitable to others. But it does not teach that I should set myself up as a target for every freeloader that comes down the road. Two things that Jesus taught were;

 Mat 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 


Mat 6:3 But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:

I CAN be charitable, but that doesn't mean everyone has to know about it. I must be wise in the ones I select to aid. A package of food left on a doorstep with a quick knock and the sound of retreating footsteps aids those that need it, but does not identify me. I will not aid someone who expects me to support them in the style which they are accustomed to living and all the while expecting me to do it without them lending a hand, just because I happen to be their host. The fact is if a person has been prepping for any length of time there are others who know about it. When everything falls apart, they WILL remember you. They WILL come looking for help. How many can you help? WHO should you help? My advice would be to distance yourself from the freeloaders right now and seriously look at all the rest. DO they share your faith? CAN they be a benefit to your survival or will they be a drain on resources? The choices which will have to be made in the future will be difficult, therefore it is best to consider them now. I will aid those who can contribute to the overall welfare of the group, and will reject any who expect a free ride. The ones that are willing to help are the ones I would talk to, the rest have made their choice and there is little or nothing I can do about it.

ANP: Those who finally understand time is short and have awoken to the dangers, albeit late, and are unsure what should be their priorities especially living on a budget, where would you tell them to focus on, first to last, and why? Also, please send us any links to your books, website, blog, facebook page, etc that you'd like us to work into the article so our readers can visit.

Travis O. Dean: For those who have only recently understood the times we are in, and possibly living on a limited imcome, fear not. There are many things you can do to improve your odds that cost little or nothing. The first one is always get and stay as close to The Lord as you can. It may cost you a change in your lifestyle, but the benefits are eternal. On the matter of the more practical things, remeber to always think outside the box. You can be tracked by your phone, so can you use a map and compass? While you go one direction, put you phone on the back of an eighteen wheel truck going the other way. Tape it to the bottom of a police car, just don't take it with you. And to help you stay one step ahead, find a 'back roads' atlas. The one I have shows just about every deer trail and cow path in the state. Use it before things go south so you already have a plan in place and won't have to panic. You may well have to survive in the woods. You can try rubbing two sticks to make a fire, but there are other ways to do it. Remember playing with a magnifying glass when you were young? That glass never has to be refueled, if it gets wet, just wipe it off. In the south we have what is called lighter knot. That is simply pine wood soaked with dried sap. Once it begins to burn it is almost impossible to put out, short of putting it in water. That glass and a few slivers of that wood can fit into a pocket and weigh nothing but they can save your life, and the wood is free. Our forefathers and mothers managed to build the greatest nation on earth with nothing in the way of technology we take for granted today. Learn their skills. Knowledge weighs nothing, is always with you and can make you an invaluable asset to any group. Learn how to build traps for small game. Again a small coil of thin strong wire is east to carry, can be used for catching game or make emergency repairs of many different kinds. Learn to identify poisonous snakes and plants.

There are many tips that I could go into, but there isn't time to cover them all and they may not address your problem. The following links are to my web site. The front page is; The 'Overthrown' series can be purchsed as e-books at; And finally there is a blog that I check into from time to time (hey a man has to make a living.) where I might be able to help with a problem or at least point you in an unexpected direction. It can be found at;

Note from ANP- Travis O. Dean's Overthrown series was first recommended to ANP readers by Steve Quayle, quoted in the "EMP Attack On America - Preppers Vs Non-Preppers In The First 72 Hours - Who Will Live, Who Will Die," article where Quayle stated "THIS SERIES IS WRITTEN BY A REAL WORLD VET AND IS ABSOLUTELY A BLESSING - I KNOW THE AUTHOR AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSE THIS BOOK.

This was followed by commenter JW who said "I read "Overthrown by T.O. Dean" many years ago, when it was on a website as a .doc file. If he has done any improvements then it should be a must have book - the original (rough draft??) was!"

ANP would like to thank Travis O. Dean for taking the time for this interview and Steve Quayle for putting us in contact with Mr. Dean.


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