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June 16, 2017

Pastor Warns: 'We Need To Fix These Problems Before They Fix Us' In This 'Life Or Death Battle With Evil For Humanity's Soul'

- With Large Parts Of America 'Broken', This Is How We'd 'Fix It' On The Farm!

By Pastor Dick Carmack - All News Pipeline

Being raised (“reared” for the politically correct crowd) on the farm we were taught to be practical. When something broke we fixed it. It was too far to the store to get a new part and we couldn’t afford it anyway, so we made do. Lots of baling wire, 16-penny nails and 2” x 4” splices. Nowadays though, we are so spoiled we think if everything isn’t absolutely perfect all of the time, we’re being “snowflake” abused

Common sense can’t be found nowadays, it’s locked up in jail, and has disappeared behind bars apparently never to be seen again on earth. Below I will list a number of modern “concerns” and farmer solutions to the problem listed.

#1 Global Warming: We hear constantly about how the glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. If you fill a glass with ice and let it melt, will it run over? Of course not the level will go way down. If you fill a glass with ice and then fill it to the brim with water and let the ice melt, will it run over? No, again the level will go down. Ice is a swollen form of water and when glaciers melt the volume of the substance diminishes, it doesn’t get bigger. Relax, the sea levels are not going to rise. If anything is happening in “climate change” it is that we are entering a cooling period, plus people have nothing to do with it. Call it a cycle.

#2 Twin Towers on 9-11: If you cut down a tree it NEVER falls straight down onto the stump. It ALWAYS FALLS OVER TOWARD ITS WEAKEST POINT. The Twin Towers went straight down onto their foundations. That was controlled demolition. Somebody pre-wired them and set the charges off when the planes crashed into the building. End of argument. Put Bush Jr., Dick Cheney, Rockefellers, Clinton, Obama and company all in prison for high crimes and misdemeanors (treason). For good measure lock up the guilty GOP and DEM leadership for their past refusal to impeach Obama when he lied about being a citizen.


#3 Rogue Cops: Too many cops now think because they have a badge they have the right to be judge, jury and sometimes executioner. Make it a hard and fast rule (law) with no exceptions that in ANY shooting by a police officer, there should be IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION WITHOUT PAY until the incident is examined and SETTLED by an independent commission. Then, if the officer was justified, he will be re-instated with back pay. If he was wrong, he will be immediately fired and charged with a crime against the victim. Get it settled in less than 90 days.

#4 Innocent Prisoners: Any prosecutor who knowingly WITHHOLDS or LOSES or COOKS the evidence and an innocent man goes to jail, upon his release he will be given ten times the judge’s salary for each year in jail and the prosecutor himself will be locked up to serve the remainder of the sentence and when released pay the state back for the money given to the innocent man.

#5 Illegal Immigration: ANY employer who hires an ILLEGAL ALIEN should be fined heavily and do JAIL TIME. The immigration problem will take care of itself as we will see a mass exodus of illegal, jobless, people heading back across the border. Grocery prices will rise some because farms will be forced to pay living wages to get workers.

#6 Congressional Corruption: All Congressmen and Senators should be elected for ONE SIX-YEAR TERM and forced to serve in their hometown at the same salary as the average for their district. He should not be allowed to go to Washington D.C. except with multiple chaperones of both parties and then only for funerals. He may talk to other members OR lobbyists, by telephone (recorded) or electronically. He will only vote or communicate outside of town electronically, with all communication records made public every 24 hours.

#7 Illegal Presidents: Nobody can serve as President unless he can produce a birth certificate proving his natural born citizenship that is attested to by a sufficient number of witnesses BEFORE THE ELECTION.

#8 Supreme Court Decisions: A Supreme Court decision (or any court decision) is an OPINION of un-elected lawyers wearing black robes NOT “THE LAW OF THE LAND.” The proof is that any opinion can be overturned later. If the decision is unjust, it should be immediately nullified by a refusal to comply on the part of the PEOPLE. Prohibition was widely ignored, forcing the government to nullify it by Constitutional Amendment. The solution to the gay marriage problem is for EVERYONE to quit issuing ALL marriage licenses. The world got along just fine for 6,000 years without asking the government for permission to marry. Marriage is a covenant between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN and is executed before God in public witness. Those of a different persuasion will be judged by both society and God.


#9 Militant Islam: The criminals running ISLAM are purveyors of a POLITICAL MOVEMENT, posing as a religion to get the benefits normally accorded. They are bent on world domination by force. It is a crime to advocate the overthrow of any branch of our government by force and is punishable by law with a prison term not to exceed 20 years . We can’t lock ‘em all up, but we can certainly put away the visible leaders for 20 years and that can bring to a halt the whole unholy mess, at least in this country.

#10 Fake News: There’s not much you can do about this. The only cure I know is for the honest part (if there is one) of the prostitute major media to start holding the fake media up to ridicule. Outside of that just let nature take its course and have the alternate media to continue pointing out the lies of the “majors.” We have to let the free market handle it or else we’ll be just as crooked as they are. Someone said recently, “I’d cancel my daily newspaper except I have a bird cage and I need the paper.”

If you’re milking a cow and she kicks, you hobble her and you do it before your milk bucket get kicked over. The same should be done with any of the problems mentioned above. Justice delayed is justice denied. We need to fix the problems before they fix us. If you ignore a wound in the flesh it will get infected and eventually you have to amputate the limb or it will kill you. It’s time to rise up en masse against so-called “politically correctness” and send its purveyors back to the pig-pen where they came from.

In summary when something stinks just follow your nose. The Bible says it can all be traced back to money and the power it buys:

1Ti 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

You can reach Pastor Carmack at [email protected]

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